Digital Bell Broadcasting System. First of Its kind, an integrated System for Automatic Bell Ringing and Two Way Broadcasting in Any Building. School Broadcast System is specially designed for keeping schools’ requirements in mind.  AmpleTrails is providing a complete digital school broadcast system.  You will get the school bell and broadcasting system at the lowest price in India.

School Broadcast System at Best Price in India

school broadcast system

School Bell and Broadcast system

Classroom / Lecture Teaching PA System.

SuperSync is offering Wooden Speakers for a resonating sound experience in classrooms. Redefining the classroom teaching expressions with warmth of clear and hormonious vocals and music.

10 and 20 Watt Speaker options for theater like experience in classrooms.

Broadcasting System For Schools

Broadcasting System For Schools

Digital Bell Broadcasting System For School, स्कूल ब्रॉडकास्ट सिस्टम
Digital broadcasting system for school
Digital Broadcasting System

A digital bell broadcasting system is a type of school bell system that uses digital technology to schedule and broadcast bell or other audio signals to different areas of a school or campus.

Some features of a digital bell broadcasting system include:

  • Schedule-based bell ringing: The system allows for bell schedules to be programmed in advance, so that bell signals are broadcast automatically at the correct times.
  • Customizable bell signals: Different bell signals can be used for different types of events, such as classes, recess, lunch, and emergency situations.
  • Remote control: The system can be controlled and managed remotely via a web-based interface or mobile app, allowing administrators to make changes to the bell schedule or broadcast emergency alerts from anywhere.
  • Multi-zone broadcasting: Bell signals can be broadcast to specific areas of a campus, allowing for different bell schedules to be used in different parts of the school.

These systems are generally used in schools, colleges and universities as well as in other institutions such as factories, offices, and other large organizations.

Digital broadcasting system for school

With Integrated Automatic School Bell System

Master BS-101M Director’s/ Principal’s/ Administrator’s Unit has 7 variants available for 10 rooms, 20 rooms, 30 rooms, 40 rooms, 60 rooms, 80 rooms, 99 rooms.

Slave BS-51S-N Class room Unit 

Gooseneck Microphone 18 ” (For Master Console) 

Shielded Cable – 03 Core Size – 0.25mm (14/38) If your total cable length for installation is between 300 -400 Meters, use this cable.

Shielded Cable – 03 Core Size – 0.5mm If your total cable length for installation is between 400 -1000 Meters, use this cable.

Shielded Cable – 03 Core Size – 01 mm If your total cable length for installation is above 1000 Meters, use this cable.

Broadcasting System for School
Digital Broadcast System Or School Announcement System Or College Announcement System Or Public Address (PA) System.

Digital Broadcasting System School

Digital Broadcasting System School

Digital Bell Broadcasting System

Digital Bell Broadcasting System Make In India

Digital Bell Broadcasting System Make In India

Automatic Bell System + Digital School Broadcast System

  • 1. One to One Communication with TalkBack (Two-Way Communication): Master (Principal/Admin/Directors unit) can speak as well listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms.
  • 2. All Call / General Announcement: Announcements of common interest can be made using ALL CALL feature. Voice will be audible in all Slave / Classroom units connected with this system.
  • 3. Group Call: Users can make 05 groups up to 10 rooms each for making group announcements. Groups can be made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior sections, junior section, playgroups, staff rooms, etc..
  • 4. Selective Call: Rooms other than a group made, can be called selectively by entering room numbers directly in Master controller.
  • 5. External Audio: 3.5mm Jack is provided at the back of Master controller for playing music from external devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc.
  • 6. Automatic Bell Ringing System: Most advanced feature-rich automatic school bell system is integrated with this system. The user can program whole day schedule and the bell will ring automatically. All 7 days and of-of week can be programmed with different timetables.
  • 7. Micro-SD Card: Provisions to mount a Micro-SD card. The user can upload desired sound files to use as bell sounds or for playing music. 53 sound files are factory loaded. These 53 sound files include various combinations like female voice narration – This is Period No 1, it’s your lunchtime etc. and traditional Tawa bell sound “Tan-Tan”.
  • 8. Calendar Holidays – Users can program 10 Holidays for each month. So a total of 120 holidays excluding Sundays can be programmed in this device. Bell will not ring on these holidays.
 Broadcasting System for School 
Digital Bell Broadcasting System

Digital Bell Broadcasting System

School Broadcast System

First of its Kind in India: Announcement System with TalkBack and Integrated Automatic School Bell on Single Cable. Automatic Bell System + Digital Broadcasting System

Digital School Broadcast System Automatic School Bell

Digital Broadcast System Automatic School Bell

Connection Diagram BS-101 Digital School Bell Broadcast System

Connection Diagram BS-101 Digital School Bell Broadcast System

It’s an integrated system for the Automatic ringing of School Bell and Two-way communication within a building. School Broadcast System helps you in saving time and better management of the school. Broadcasting System for School helps schools in saving a lot of money efforts and time.

Enclosed please find the list of items used in the School Broadcast System for your kind reference


Suppose you need a School Broadcast System system for 30 rooms so you have chosen the following items:

  1. DBS Master BS-101M Capacity – 30 rooms = 1 piece
  2. DBS Slave BS-51S = 30 pieces
  3. DBS Power Supply BS-51P = 03 to 06 pieces.
  4. Cable = As per length required. For installation up to 20 rooms you can use cable size 7/38, for installations above 20 rooms kindly use size 14/38, for installation of and above 40 rooms use size 0.5mm or above.
Warranty of School Broadcast System – 12 months from the date of invoice against all manufacturing defects.

Delivery – Generally ready stock, but Kindly contact us before placing an order for the exact delivery schedule.

A Digital Bell Broadcasting System is an advanced solution for managing and broadcasting school bells, factory shift changes, or other time-based announcements. It typically includes a central control unit and a network of speakers that are distributed throughout a building or campus.

The control unit allows administrators to schedule and broadcast pre-recorded announcements, such as bell schedules, emergency alerts, and other important messages. These announcements can be customized to fit the specific needs of the organization, and can be scheduled to play at specific times or triggered by specific events.

The system uses digital technology to broadcast the announcements, which means that the sound quality is superior to traditional analog bell systems. The digital signals are less prone to interference and distortion, providing a clearer and more reliable audio experience.

The digital bell broadcasting system can also be integrated with other systems such as public address systems, fire alarms, and security systems, allowing for a more comprehensive solution for managing and broadcasting announcements.

One of the key benefits of a digital bell broadcasting system is its flexibility, it can be used to broadcast a variety of different messages, including bell schedules, emergency alerts, and other important information. Additionally, it can be easily programmed and managed remotely, allowing administrators to make changes and updates to the system without having to physically access the control unit.

100% Two Way PA Broadcasting System

All rooms are connected to a single cable. No need to lay 50 cables for 50 rooms or 80 cables for 80 rooms.
1. Fully digital Switching.

2. 07 Mode of operation

(a) All Call mode

(b) Group call: 05 Groups of 10 rooms each.

(c) One to one call

(d) Selected rooms call

(e) Listening mode (Spying mode)

(f) External Audio Mode: External music can be played through Computer, Laptop, Mobile, iPod, etc.

(g) Automatic Bell Ringing System.

3. No external amplifier, speaker, or microphone is required

4. No external audio switcher is required.

5. A reduced number of items makes it easy to maintain.

6. Reduced wiring cost (up to 1/10 th)

 User Interface of Digital Bell Broadcasting System 

Master Unit of Digital Bell Broadcasting System
1. 24 Key keypads for the user interface.
2. 16X2 LCD Display.
3. Jack for connecting any desired Micro-Phone.
4. 3.5mm jack for playing external audio.
5. Volume Control Knob for speaker unit.
6. Jack for mounting Micro-SD card.

Slave Unit of Digital Bell Broadcasting System
1. Built-In Micro-Phone.
2. 4” Speaker.
3. Volume Control Knob for Speaker.


The whole system is running only on a single cable so it is very easy to maintain compared to traditional systems, no efforts are required in this system to manage and maintain a huge bunch of cables. Asks for less space in Administrators cabin. No need to put huge control panels on the Administrator’s table.

Email us at or call us at 9034757673 for pricing and installation of this machine.

2 way Broadcasting System

2 way Broadcasting System

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