Difference Between Hydraulic PB & EM PB

QualityHydraulic systems are prone to leakage of contaminating fluid and therefore are fundamentally environmentally unfriendly.Electromechanical are enviormentally Friendly
ReliabilityHydraulic systems are involve large number of parts,so compare to Electro-mechanical its not that much ReliableElectro-mechanical systems are simpler and involve fewer parts so are inherently more reliable.
MaintenanceIf not maintained properly, hydraulic systems will run low on fluid which will render them inoperable and may damage or destroy components.This is not an issue for electromechanical systems which require no routine servicing.
PerformanceThe viscosity of hydraulic fluid may vary with temperature, contamination etc. giving rise to performance inconsistencies over time.Compare to Hydraulic ,electromechanical will not Vary that much with temprature ,Contamination etc…
CostsThe  motors employed in hydraulic are not that much substantial compare to electromechanical.Small, much cheaper high speed motors are often used in hydraulic systems because the fluid acts as a “gearing” medium.The motors employed in electromechanical are necessarily more substantial than for hydraulic systems. Mass production, driven by strong demand has rendered electromechanical systems less expensive.
Ease Of UseThese are generally not easier to install,Integrate as compare to HydraulicThe operating principles of electromechanical systems are obvious and they are generally easier to install being integrated in design and function.
ComponentsThere is not a single part immeresed in oil bath,Including motor alsoIn  electromechanical systems, all moving parts are immersed in an oil bath, including the motor.
Noise LevelsDifference in perceptible noise may be acceptable when new but will become more marked in hydraulic systems as components wear.High quality electromechanical systems are invariably quieter than their hydraulic equivalent.
Operational ResponseThe current sensing circuit will react as quickly as fluid flows through the pipe work.The current sensing circuits used in the latest electromechanical systems are more reliable and much faster acting than hydraulic relief valves
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