Counter Communication System in India, the fastest system for audio communication in India at the best price.

Counter communication system for ticketing counters

Counter Communication System for Doctor and Patient

Doctor Paitent Communication System

Counter Communication System for Doctor and Patient

Counter communication system for doctors and patients.
Covid-19 Savoir…!!
Device to Maintain Social Distancing.
Model: FP-201
Two Way Audio Communication System for Covid Wards.
Helps to perform effective Two Way Audio Communication between Patient – Nurse / Patient-Doctor / Doctor – Nurse etc.
There are multiple uses of the counter communication system. The ticketing system is one of the area where counter communication systems can be implemented and of benefit. AmpleTrails is the counter communication system supplier in India. We, not just supply products in India we export this system in various parts of the world. You can contact us for the counter communication system price. It is also known as a 2-way audio communication system.

Counter Communication System

2 way audio communication system

Two Way Audio Intercom

2-way audio communication system helps you in listing and talking across the counter. Our product is made in India under the initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat (आत्मनिर्भर भारत). We are one of the largest suppliers of two-way communication devices. By buying a device from us you will get free installation support from our team.

Which is the device used today for two-way audio communication?

This is the question that comes into People’s minds. AmpleTrails system is a wired system that is used for two-way audio communication. We supply the best two-way communication device in India.

Two Way Public Address System with TalkBack and Call Back Facility for communication between Two Points in a building. Master is kept at the administrator’s table and Two Way speakers in various rooms. Master can select any desired room to communicate two-way and the speaker can also initialize a call to Master Control by pressing the green button on the speaker. Best use is in Hospitals, Group Housing Projects, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Malls, etc.

Two Way Public Address (PA) System with TalkBack & Call Back features.
Email us at in**@am*********.com or call us at 9034757673 for pricing and installation of this machine.

We also have Two Way PA System with TalkBack and Call Back Facility. Below is the Model : FP-201 – Working video.

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