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CCTV Dome Camera -eSSL-EB2-48 / EB2-70

CCTV Dome Camera (essl-EB2-48 / EB2-70)- There are many models of CCTV Dome Cameras used for security system. This model (EB2-48 / EB2-70) is one of the best model ofCCTV Cameras. This camera has 1/3″ Sony CCD (charge coupled device) Chip. The CCD chip plays a major role in making a fantastic and reliable picture. This camera has the greatest CCD Chip which makes a reliable and very clear picture of the object or any person in front of this camera. There is a 6 MM Lens which can take a very clear picture. This model can visualize the picture/scene upto 25 mtr. area. It means it can visualize the objects or any person moving in 25 mtr. area from the place where this camera is installed.
It is useful for preventing shoplifting, staff collusion, and many more crimes occurring in your organization. This CCTV Cameras can be useful for hospitals, showrooms, business, educational institute, universities, shopkeeper, jewellery showrooms, parking areas, house, any many other area or person who/where security is very much concerned.
We provide the best customer service & technical support in the industry. This security system is available at very reasonable prices which will add value to your business definitely. We also strive to provide the most competitive pricing possible on CCTV Cameras so that, our customers can enjoy the new technology at low prices. This security system is very helpful for the security of your organization.
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CCTV Dome Camera -eSSL-EB2-48 / EB2-70EB2-48 (Rs. 4925/-only) EB2-70 (Rs. 6500/-only)

Features of Dome Camera-eSSL-EB2-48 / EB2-70:/

  • 1/3” Sony CCD
  • 480 TVL / 700 TVL
  • Lux 0.1
  • 30 PCS LED
  • 25 Mtr
  • 6 MM LENS
  • DC12V PAL

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