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Eliminate Server Cost Transmit Visual Information Directly to NVR
 Monitor multiple locations without a server 
Monitor multiple locations without a server

Monitor multiple locations without a server

SONY Starvis Series Sensor – Crystal Clear Night Vision, Color Images at 0.01lux
5MP Resolution – High-quality, Detailed images
H.265 Compression Technology – Save Up to 50% of Storage Space
True WDR 120dB – High-quality Images in Varying Light Conditions
Wider Field of View – Eliminate Blind Spots with up to 104° View
Signal-to-Noise Ratio – 73dB SNR for State-of-the-art Image Quality
SD Card Support – Local Storage up to 512 GB

What is the challenge?
The cost of a server is one of the biggest challenges while considering a Multilocation Video Surveillance solution for all kinds of industries. Matrix Network Video Recorders have a unique feature called Cascading, which eliminates the need for a server for centralized management and monitoring.

Let’s see how?

  • One Network Video Recorder (NVR) can be connected to 20 other NVRs and can receive connected camera streams without any server.
  • The master NVR (which acts as a server) at the central location can receive streams from all the cameras installed at various locations.
  • It follows the architecture of multiple masters and multiple slaves. Hence, one organization can make several master NVRs, sharing their respective camera streams among themselves.
A company having two CEOs at different locations can have access to all the camera streams of their branches using their local NVR by marking it as the master NVR.


  • Eliminates the Cost of a Server
  • Centralized Management and Control

Cascading is beneficial for MNCs and firms having multi-floor or multi-location offices.

2MP IR Dome Camera with 3.6mm Lens

Matrix project series IP Cameras are built using superior components such as Sony STARVIS sensor and higher MTF lens to offer unmatched image quality especially during the low light conditions. Powered by True WDR algorithm, these cameras offer consistent image quality even in highly varying lighting conditions. Built in intelligent analytics including Intrusion Detection, Trip
Wire, etc. ensure real-time security. Moreover, H.265 compression and Automatic Motion based Frame Rate Reduction save bandwidth and storage up to 50%.

IP Video Surveillance Solutions

IP Video Surveillance Solutions

What is an IP Camera?

  • An IP camera is a digital video camera commonly used for surveillance
  • It sends and receives data using the transmission and security features of TCP/IP through a computer network and the Internet. 
  • The term IP camera is usually applied to those cameras which are used for surveillance and that can be directly accessed over a network connection.
  • They can be connected with the existing computer network through LAN, WAN or Wireless Network.
Evolve to Matrix.
The analytics driven, cognitive video surveillance solutions
Innovative Applications
Command & Control, Parking Management, Weighbridge, Cognitive Response Engine
Differentiated Products
Cutting-edge Technology, Exclusive Features and Specifications
VMS Differentiators
65,000 Cameras, 1,000 Locations, Command & Control, Redundancy, Global Search, Time-Lapse, etc.
NVR Differentiators
8 to 64 expandable to 1280 channels, 4K, Cascading, Adaptive Recording
IP Cameras Differentiators
Complete Range, True WDR, Ultra Low Light Performance, Multiple Streams
Healthy Margins
Earn up to 40% Margins
Less Competition
Optimum SI network, Minimum internal overlaps-friction
Project Registration
Protects SI’s investments in projects
Technical Support
24x7x365 Technical Support, Prompt and Cost Effective RMA
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Airport, Railways, Air Force, NTPC, Tata Motors, Samsung, IIT, NIFT, Schneider, Cooper, Sanofi, Dnata

CCTV Cameras : There are several models of CCTV Cameras used in industries. AmpleTrails is dealing in different kinds of CCTV cameras.  Models varies to the requirements of the users.  We are dealing in all types of CCTV cameras like Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, IP Cameras, Dome IR Camera, IR Bullet Camera, LED Array Bullet Camera, Array Dome Camera, PTZ Camera.  You can click on the type to know the available model and detailed specification of the model. These are rightly priced cameras and very durable. Best CCTV Cameras for all your needs with Sony chip.


Security Guard Sleeping or cctv alive

Benefits of cctv

Benefits of IP Cameras:
  • Two-way audio via a single network cable allows users to interact on the subject of the video. (e.g. store operator assisting a customer through step-by-step instructions).
  • Video analytics can be implemented in the camera itself allowing the camera to analyze images.
  • Encrypted data transmission through authentication methods like WPA or WPA2, TKIP or AES.
  • Remote accessibility allows accessing the video stream from any authorized device.
  • PoE enabled cameras to eradicate the need for a dedicated power supply.
IP Camera Multi Site Installation

IP Camera Multi Site Installation

IP Camera Multi Site Installation

IP Camera Multi Site Installation

number 1 cctv product provider wordwide

number 1 cctv product provider wordwide

Best IP Bullet Camera Matrix

IP Bullet Camera Matrix

IP Bullet Camera Matrix

IP Bullet Camera Matrix

Best IP Dome Camera Matrix

IP Dome Camera Matrix

cctv Cameras Matrix SATATYA NVRX

Factors to Consider while Choosing a NVR System

Decision makers like end users, system integrator, dealers, etc. needs to know which functions and features they expect from DVR system.The expectation could be simple function like monitoring or advanced functions like recording flexibility, synchronous playback of all channels, user configurable layout styles, remote monitoring,
multiple actions for each events, etc. Having a clear idea of the expectation will help to narrow down the suppliers and also prevent from being influenced by some flashy functionality which will never be utilized practically.

Factors to be Considered While Selecting DVR

Expecting a feature-rich product is always obvious, but which features are actually going to be used is of prime importance.
Number of Video Channels:
If the requirement of surveillance DVR is for small office or shop then 4 channels (4 channels = connecting 4 analog cameras) would be sufficient but
if the surveillance DVR is for large enterprises, corporate, etc. then 8 or 16 channel DVR will be required. Thus decision makers have to consider
below points in order to have the correct system installed which can satisfy their requirements.

Best DVR Camera

DVR Camera Matrix

Audio Channels:
Audio recording is equivalent important as video but when multiple cameras are connected in a single room then single audio recording is essential. Hence linking one audio channel with multiple video channels is always beneficial.

Best Quality DVR Matrix

Best Quality DVR

DVR with Audio and Video

DVR with Audio Port

High Quality DVR

Best DVR

24 Channel NVR

24 Channel NVR

Best Quality NVR

Best Quality NVR

Best Quality NVR

Best Quality NVR

Small NVR Matrix

Small NVR

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We have different models of cameras for INDOOR and OUTDOOR. IR Dome security cameras are used for INDOOR purpose and IR Bullet Weatherproof cameras are used for the OUTDOOR purpose. These cameras are available in plastic and metal body. High speed Dome cameras can be used to cover a big area. We have high-end CCTV cameras and recorder DVR for live viewing over the Internet. Your security is our main focus. We have every type of CCTV cameras matching all your needs. We are dealers of CCTV Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems.  Apart from CCTV we have Video Door Phones VPD.  These are the great products which can be used in the home, school, offices, factories, apartments. We are dealing in all kind of customized solution like Access Control Systems (ACS), CCTV Surveillance Equipment, Remote Monitoring of Cameras, Electronic Time Attendance Recorders based on RFID technology and Biometrics Time and attendance machines (Fingerprint, Face Identification).

Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRMM HD720P Indoor IR Dome Camera

Indoor IR Dome Camera

Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRMM

As the video surveillance security is moving from Analog to IP technology, users are getting greater flexibility to strengthen their security cover. Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are IP based video recorders, which provide greater reliability and superior image quality as against traditional Analog video recorders. These NVRs provide real-time security by early detection of suspicious events with highly accurate video analytics and instant notifications.

Matrix manufactures one of the best NVR security systems, which are a range of well-engineered IP Video Recording solutions, designed to meet complex requirements of modern day enterprises.

To fulfill the requirements of entry level video recording in small and medium organizations, Matrix introduces its standard range of NVRs. These NVRs are best suitable for centralized management and monitoring of multiple cameras. At the same time they help in reducing the solution cost by a huge amount. Matrix NVRs reduce solution cost by decreasing storage, server and bandwidth costs by up to 50%, thereby offering an extremely efficient and foolproof security solution.


Problem: Lack of Monitoring and Control



Central Monitoring of up to 19 Recording Devices with a Single Device without using a Server

Problem: Complexity of Management


User Defined Roles and Rights

Camera and Function based User Login Roles and Rights

Health Status Reports

Monitor Health Status and send its Real-time Push Notification within 5kbps

Problem: Reactive Security


Motion Detection*

Notification on Occurrence of Motion in Defined Areas for Real-time Security

Intrusion Detection*

Notification on Entry/Exit of any Object/Person in a Defined Area based on Direction to Ensure Preventive Security

Trip Wire*

Notification on Object/Person Crossing a Virtual Line in a Defined Direction to Identify Suspicious Events

Instant Notifications*

Calling from Mobile App, SMS, Email with Snapshot, Video Pop-up, Audio Alarm and Buzzer

Problem: High Storage Cost


Camera-wise Recording Retention

Camera-wise Flexibility to Define Number of Storage Days based on Priority of Camera

Adaptive Recording

Adjusts FPS based on Motion in a Scene

NAS/FTP Support

Supports Two NAS of 16TB each with RAID Functionality

Problem: Difficulty in Managing Networks


Free Matrix DNS Service

Remote Monitoring, Irrespective of Static IP Availability

Support for Two Different Networks

Connecting Cameras from Two Different Networks

Problem: Disparate Solutions



Integration with other Security Solutions like Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Access Control, etc.


Supports Connection of all ONVIF, RTP or RTSP Compliant Cameras with Matrix Network Video Recorders

*Supported only if Camera Supports (lighter shade)



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Dahua 3MP Wi-Fi Network PT Camera IPC-A35

Dahua 3MP Wi-Fi Network PT Camera IPC-A35

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