Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Systems

Two Door Controller Fingerprint Inbio 260 eSSL

2 Door Controller by eSSL Inbio 260 Pro

Inbio 260 is a two Door Controller which support Fingerprint from eSSL. 2 DOOR CONTROLLER Inbio 260 eSSL support 4 readers 2 locks. We also have 4 door controller access control system. Multi-Door Access Control Two Door Multi-Door Access Control System. Type of System: RFID Access Control System Fingerprint Access Control System.

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Access Control System Sleek Attendance Machine

Biometric Time and Attendance Machine SF100

Access Control System Facial Sleek attendance machine. Introducing face recognition based access control system. Face recognition attendance system India Fingerprint Time Attendance system India Fingerprint Scanner Biometric Time Attendance machine SF 100 is another sleek fingerprint time and attendance device with access control system support.  SF 100 device support 1500 fingerprints, 5,000 RFID cards storage and […]

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Field employee monitoring app

Setting up a hassle-free work environment is what makes the Company beneficial. So, we are delighted to introduce our mobile attendance app. AmpleTrails mobile application helps you to track the Field employee monitoring app. We are happy to arrange a brief web session to bring you up to speed. Let me know if you’ve any […]

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High Performance & Speedy Parking Barrier CMP 100A

High Performance Speedy Parking Barrier CMP 100A

High Performance & Speedy Parking Barrier CMP 100A All-new series of Parking Barrier CMP-100A which is high in performance and a high-speed barrier gate. It adopts a high-performance servomotor, the casing color supports customization, traffic yellow is standard. Adopt a high-quality photoelectric isolation protection circuit to ensure signal integrity and strong interference resistance. Parameter Input […]

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SF-300 IP Based Fingerprint Access Control Time Attendance

Fingerprint Access Control Time Attendance

Technical Specifications SF-300 IP Based Fingerprint Access Control Time Attendance Small Size Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System Touch Screen The SF300 is an IP based fingerprint terminal, which operates in both network mode and standalone mode. it can connect with ZKAccess3.5, eSSL Smart Office software for access control and time attendance management. Fingerprint Time Attendance […]

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SBTL 8000 Indoor Speed Gate Series Swing Barrier

SBTL 8000, an Indoor Speed Gate Series Swing Barrier

SBTL 8000 is an indoor speed gate series which featured by its modular reader panel design. The modularization of reader panel not only benefits end-user for easy upgrade or switching on the reader but also helps to relieve middlemen’s inventory pressure and allows them to have an in-time market response.   Parameter Power requirements AC […]

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Fingerprint Time Attendance with Access Control System eSSL K90 Pro Identix

K90 Pro Identix

Fingerprint Time & Attendance with Access Control System K90 Pro Identix ₹6500 eSSL K90 Pro Identix Fingerprint/Attendance Machine. Call 9315441053/78 eSSL K90 Fingerprint/Attendance Machine System with 800 Users, Access Control, RFID Card, Fingerprint and Password, Auto Push, Cloud, Software with Battery Backup. Fill the following form to buy the eSSL k90 Biometric Attendance Machine. This […]

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Attendance Management System K60 ZKTeco

Configuration of ZKTeco K40 Attendance Machine

[metaslider id=13775] Attendance Management System K60 ZKTeco Battery Backup 1000 Fingerprint 1000 cards Push Data technology. Centralized attendance. Interface for third party electric lock Support exit button/Push Button Battery Backup TCP/IP USB Interface Direct report in Excel ZK K60 Fingerprint Biometric System Price in India ZK K60 Fingerprint Biometric System Specs System Type: Biometrics System Segment: […]

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USB Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Reader SLK20R

Fingerprint Reader SLK20R SLK20R is a leading fingerprint scanner designed by ZKTeco USA laboratory which adopts the advanced optical design. It has a superior ability to do live fingerprint detection and capture high-quality fingerprint images by 2 Megapixel camera. It can be the most comfortable and affordable desktop enrollment and identification device. To purchase this device […]

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Biometric time and attendance devices

Biometric Time and Attendance devices are getting popularity with a very fast speed.  Now, people are being aware of these devices.  They came to know that spending a little amount on this device will increase the productivity of their organization and the value of that increased production will be more than 10 times of the […]

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