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Biometric Attendance System
Calculate paydays, time offs, holidays, overtime, shifts & more. Contact us now! Easily integrate biometric devices & manage employee attendances efficiently. Contact now!

BioMax N-K30 Time & Attendance, Access Control

Biomax Finger RFID Multi Biometric Time

Eliminate fraud claims

Biomax N BM30W Pro Time Attendance System

Biomax N BM30W Pro Time Attendance System

#Time & Attendance Software – Mobile Attendance 24 x 7
Realtime Attendance and Leave Application on Mobile with GPS tracking. Mobile Attendance 24×7, Get Free Trial now. Types: Employee Database, Payroll, Time & Attendance, PMS.
Biometric Attendance Machine with Mobile App

Mobile App for Biometric Attendance Machine

Portable Biometric Attendance System

Portable Biometric Attendance System

eSSL eface990 Face Fever Attendance Machine

eFace-990 is a Multi-Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control System capable of duplicate face detection. With this device, you can record attendance and restrict access by using any combination of RFID cards, face, and fingerprint authentication.

mobile time attendance system

mobile app for biometric attendance system

Aadhaar biometric attendance machine

Aadhaar biometric attendance system

eSSL UA760

biometric attendance system using wifi

Wifi attendance machine

wifi based biometric attendance machine

Face Attendance System Matrix

Face biometric attendance system

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Product Delhi|Biometric Device Price In India

eSSL MB660 USB and WIfi Communication

The multi-functional MB660 can be used as a multi-biometric time attendance and access control system. Since employees often express that they would work harder if they were better organized, we make the process both easy and inexpensive.

eSSL uface 302

Labour intensive projects must ensure the strategic use of time. We support their goals by providing solutions that save time and effort in recording attendance of workers through uFace 302 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control System.

Access Control System

Time Attendance System

Biometric System eSSL Silkbio 101 TC Face

Biometric System eSSL Silkbio 101 TC Face Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

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Automated Student Attendance System

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Automated Student Attendance System uses face recognition technology.  A fingerprint attendance machine is not the correct solution for the kid’s attendance as their fingerprints change very frequently and marking the attendance becomes a problem. An intelligent school attendance system can be built by automation of students as well as teachers’ attendance. An automated student attendance […]

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Spectra Vision Products

Identity Management Solutions You Can Rely On Spectra has been solely focused on providing reliable identity solutions since 1999. With strong product development experience of 20 years and ‘Make in India’ products, we provide the best fingerprint-based biometric, Bluetooth, and RFID-based attendance management solutions and access control solutions in the industry. For more information contact […]

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Biometric attendance machine with Mobile app

Do you want a Biometric attendance machine with the Mobile app? You are at the right place. Biometric attendance machines are great assets for the growth of an organization. We can provide you with Biometric Attendance machines with a mobile app where you will get data of all the employees on your mobile. We are […]

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Biometrics with SMS Feature for Students Attendance

Biometrics with SMS Feature for Students Attendance from School Bus. Need for finger print device for School Buses for students. 5 to 10 school Buses Approx – 50 students /Per Bus. Biometric attendance with SMS alert Biometric RFID Card Based Attendance Machine to send SMS. Get the unique fingerprint-based student attendance system with an SMS […]

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eSSL Biometric API

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Ampletrails API for eSSL Biometric database to get attendance. Example 1: 9:12&EndDate=07/01/2020 20:02 Example 2: 9:02:19 AM&EndDate=07/01/2020 20:02 PM Example 3: Parameters: AppKey=6432467912 StartDate=07/01/2020 9:12 EndDate=07/01/2020 20:02 Sample Response: [ { “DeviceLogId”: “1”, “DeviceId”: “23”, “UserId”: “102”, “EmployeeCode”: “102”, “EmployeeName”: “Satya Ranjan Das”, “LogDate”: “7/1/2020 9:04:09 AM”, “DownloadDate”: “7/1/2020 9:04:20 AM”, “AttendanceDate”: […]

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COSEC PATH RDFE Matrix Compact Door Controller for Access Control and Time-Attendance Access Control and Time Attendance is the basic necessity of the Corporate world. With the increasing need of the world for complete security, biometrics became the foundation to laying down a full-fledged secure infrastructure. Key Features: Matrix brings to you, the next-gen “IP […]

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M8E7C Video Door Phone System Alba Urmet

M8E7C – 7” Video Door Phone Alba Urmet 7 Inch and Colour Display Video Door Phone M7E7C – 7” Video Door Phone System These Are Best Suitable Video Door Phone For Multi Apartments. Alba Urmet 7 Inch and Colour Display Video Door Phone System Kit with Built-in Memory The kit Includes : 1 Pc. – […]

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AmpleTrails, an integrated technology solutions company functioning in the Enterprise Communication and Information Technology domains, is today regarded as an ideal partner for organizations looking at Transformational IT solutions. Intellicon’s pan India presence, combined with its acknowledged capability to optimize its core capabilities across diverse technology platforms, fine human resource compliances, and commitment to quality […]

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Fever Detector eSSL TDM95E

Fever Detector eSSL TDM95E is an Indoor USB Fever Detection Module compatible with both Time Attendance and Access Control devices of ZKTeco. The temperature detector can be easily connected with ZK Biometric devices via USB port for accurate body temperature measurement of users. The device automatically detects the temperature of users and displays the measured […]

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ZKTeco K45 Pro Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

ZKTeco K45 Pro Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal ZKTeco K45 Pro Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal K45 Pro is a Time Attendance Terminal with Access Control Functions, therefore cost-effective in a number of ways with built-in battery backup for uninterrupted performance even during a power outage, Multiple communication interfaces, good quality built, etc. […]

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