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Biometric attendance machine with Mobile app

Do you want a Biometric attendance machine with the Mobile app? You are at the right place. Biometric attendance machines are great assets for the growth of an organization. We can provide you with Biometric Attendance machines with a mobile app where you will get data of all the employees on your mobile.
We are suppliers of biometric time and attendance systems in India. Don’t search for top 10 biometric attendance machine in India. Get the best one as per your requirements.

Biometric Attendance Machine with Mobile App

Mobile App for Biometric Attendance Machine

Now just the admin portal where the seniors can check the attendance of their juniors in real-time. We have a mobile app for everyone in your organization. Employees can check their own attendance records, IN time, OUT time, Late In, Early Out. Not just this they can apply for leave, compensatory off, Outdoor entry with the features of Geo-Location Tracking. We provide a Cloud-based Biometric Attendance System in India with a mobile app.

Cloud based Biometric Attendance System India

Cloud Capabile Attendance Devcice in Gurugram
Mobile biometric attendance system
Biometric attendance system app
You will get a manager portal in the Mobile app with the following facilities.

  • You can check employee’s Attendance
  • See the employee’s device Logs the punches made at the devices.
  • Option to Approve/Decline Employee OutDoor Entries
  • Approve/Decline employee’s Compensatory Off Accrual
  • You can Approve/Decline Pending Approvals
  • You would be able to Approve/Decline Employee Leaveentries
Best biometric attendance machine in India.
Mobile Attendance Application

Biometric Attendance App

There are a lot more features in the employee’s Mobile app for attendance

Biometric time and attendance systems

  • Your employees can apply for outdoor
  • They can request leave directly from the Mobile app
  • Compensatory off can be requested from the Mobile app
  • Not just the leave application they can check the leave summary
  • Apply for the restricted holiday
  • List of Public holidays are available on single click
  • Clock In/clock-out times are visible in the Mobile app
  • Att Regularization in case they forgot to punch on Biometric Machine
  • Attendance Details like the present and absent days
  • Biometric attendance machine swipe details

Biometric attendance machine Face recognition

Get the best attendance machine for your organization.

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