Biometric Attendance Machine (FBAC9)


Biometric Attendance Machine FBAC9 (F9) is a standalone fingerprint Time and Attendance machine with Access Control system.  Records IN and OUT status.  Available in low price but with good performance. Designed especially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could store 3000 fingerprint templates and 100,000 transaction records. It will bring you much profits because of its low price.









  • Processor: 32 Bit high speed embedded processor
  • Display: Black & White LCD Screen
  • Dimension (WxHxD):  90 X 190 X 39.5 mm
  • User Capacity: 3000
  • Transaction Storage: 1,00,000
  • Communications: RS232/485, TCP/IP
  • Identification time: <=2S
  • FAR: <=0.0001%
  • FRR: <=1% Operating
  • Sensor: Optical Sensor 500 DPI
  • Card reader: Inbuilt Proximity Card Reader
  • Weigand out to connect 3rd party Controller
  • Support external 26 bit Weigand reader for exit (KR500/essl 101HE)
  • eTimeTrackLite T&A desktop Software with basic payroll/ Visitor /canteen Management free for 500 users.
  • Support external Fingerprint reader F12
  • Language: English
  • Supporting database: MS Access/SQL/Oracle

  • Mifare Card reader
  • HID card reader
  • PSU (12V 1Amp)
  • PSU (12V 2 Amp)


Email us at or call us at 9818390836 for pricing and installation of this machine.


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