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Biometric Attendance Machine (E9999)

e9999 Biometric Attendance Machine E9999- There are many models of biometric attendance machines in the market.  It keeps records of IN and OUT status of registered users.  This model is very stylish and unique.  It has a small speaker, a sleek screen to show day, date and time.  There is a small touch screen area for giving the thumb impression.  Buttons on this machine for performing its functions are very sleek and stylish.  This model has the storage capacity of 1,500 fingerprint templates and 50,000 transaction records. Biometric Attendance Machine can help you in save cost as it help you in monitoring your employees in and out time.  It comes with an software which is capable of generating 150+ industry standard reports.  This machine comes with a free software for payroll management of your employees. It will bring you much profit because of its low price. Email us at [email protected] or call us now at 9818390836, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 for pricing and installation of this machine.  This is our bestseller fingerprint based machine which can fit in your budget.  This is best attendance machine for small offices, shops.

SpecificationsUser IdSoftware

32 Bit high speed embedded processor

Users: 2200 Fingerprints
Card Capacity: 2200
Transactions: 50,000 Logs
Sensor: 500 DPI Optical Sensor
Display: Black & White
Identification Speed: <=2 sec
FAR: <= 0.0001%
FRR: <=1%
Communication: TCP/IP, USB-host
Power: 5V DC , 2Amps
Operating Temperature: 0°C – 45°C
Operating Humidity: 20% – 80%
Dimension: 21.3 x 14.9 x 4.6 cm

Default User id and password is essl/essl

    Email us at [email protected] or call us at 9818390836, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 for pricing and installation of this machine.


    How Biometric Attendance Machine works?

    Once the biometric system of registering attendance is ready, an employee entering or leaving the premises will have to press his finger or thumb in the slot provided. The system identifies the person and records the timing of arrival and departure. The employees get a x-minute grace period defined by the admin. Any delay beyond that results in half-day leave.  Interested in knowing more about attendance machine contact us know.