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Automated Student Attendance System

Automated Student Attendance System uses face recognition technology.  A fingerprint attendance machine is not the correct solution for the kid’s attendance as their fingerprints change very frequently and marking the attendance becomes a problem.

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Student biometric attendance system

An intelligent school attendance system can be built by automation of students’ as well as teachers’ attendance.

An automated student attendance system help in saving a lot of time which can be used in education.

RFID School Attendance System in India

Best quality RFID School Attendance System in India

RFID based Attendance Machine

A lot of time is wasted daily of teachers and learners in marking attendance.  A lots of efforts are made to automate this process.  RFID cards can be used to mark the attendance but there are chances of marking proxy by card being carried by the fellow students.  There are good number of chances that students may forgot there cards at home.  Moreover they need to touch the cards near the machine to mark the attendance.  Attendance will not be marked in case student forgot the card at home.

Automated School Attendance System

Automated Student Attendance System

UHF cards based time and attendance machines

uhf rfid attendance system

UHF RFID attendance system

To overcome the above-mentioned issued UHF cards based time and attendance machines are used.  These receivers are capable of capturing attendance from a distance range of 15 to 20 meters.  So the automatic attendance will be marked as soon as the student enters the school premises.  There can be multiple reads which can be attached to the controller to identify the UHF cards which are carried by the students.  The assumption in these kinds of readers is that no 2 students will be at the same distance from the reader.  This can further be integrated with time and attendance software to generate reports which can be used by schools or parents.  The bulk SMS system can be integrated with the software using the Bulk SMS API.  This will be used to send SMS to the parents about the arrival time of the students and absent report in case a student doesn’t arrive at the given mentioned time.

Face Recognition Technology Face Attendance Machine

UHF readers solved one problem but are still left with the problem of proxy.  The best available solution to this problem is to use Face recognition technology.  The face of the students can be registered to mark the attendance of the students.  Automatic School Students attendance Machine can be used.  Students can come in front of the machine in the morning and mark the attendance.  Various attendance machines can be installed according to the height of the students.  The suggested quantity is to install one machine per classroom per section but one can install one machine for every class.  The quality decision needs to be taken depending upon the queuing time of the students.

Automatic School Students attendance Machine

Automatic School Students attendance Machine

Automated School Attendance System

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