Access Control Attendance Machine (FBAC F7A2)

FBAC F7A2Access Control Attendance Machine (FBAC F7A2)- A light weighted, sleek and splendid designed biometric time and attendance machine with the storage capacity of 2,200 fingerprint templates. It can store 50,000 transactions at a time. This model of access control attendance machine is available with access control system. It takes only 2 seconds to identify the thumb impression of any user. This is a best deal available in low price which consumes less electricity. This gives you double profile, one of the low cost and second is for less power consumption. To get this product just pick your phone up and make a call on 09818390836 or send your requirement on Our team members will contact you very soon.






  • Processor: 32 Bit high speed embedded processor
  • Display: 3 inch TFT
  • eTimeTrackLite T&A desktop Software with basic payroll/ Visitor /canteen Management free for 500 users
  • User Capacity: 2,200
  • Transaction Storage: 50,000
  • Communications: RS232/485, TCP/IP
  • Weigand out to connect 3rd party Controller
  • Support external No Touch & Push Button


  • PSU (12 V 1Amp)
  • PSU (12 V 2Amp)


Email us at or call us at 9818390836 for pricing and installation of this machine.


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