HikVision CCTV Camera Price 2018 Latest Guaranteed Low

hikvision 1mp dome camera

Hikvision CCTV Camera Price List. Hikvision is a well-known brand in CCTV cameras.  In CCTV cameras Hikvision is known as a brand leader.  The brand which has given a lot of new products in the market.  The price of Hikvision camera is also very competitive when compared with other well-known brands.  People looking for a quality product always go with Hikvision brand.   Hikvision camera prices are very low.  We can provide you Hikvision CCTV price list with complete details.

Hikvision CCTV Camera – Wholesale Suppliers Get Special GST Discount Price


    • DS-7A04HGHI-F1/N ECO-RS.1900
    • DS-7A08HGHI-F1/N ECO-RS.2700
    • DDS-7A16HGHI-F1/N ECO-RS.4500


Hikvision 1MP Eco Series Camera Price

  • DS-2CE5ACOT-IRP/ECO- RS. 590
  • DS-2CE 1ACOT-IRP/ECO- RS. 690

Hikvision 2MP Eco Series Camera Price

  • DS-2CE1A DOT-I RP/ECO- RS.1030

Hikvision Normal Series Camera Price with 2 years warranty

    • Bullet DS-2CE16C0T-IRPF @870
    • Dome DS-2CE56C0T-IRPF@ 790
  • 2MP Camera D0T-IRPF
    • DOME HD 5ADOT-IRPF- RS. 1250
    • BULLET HD 1ADOT-IRPF- RS. 1290
  • 1MP HD DVR 720P HD DVR Price
    • DS-7104HGHI-F1 2100
    • DS-7108HGHI-F1 3300
    • DS-7116HGHI-F1 4800
    • DS-7204HGHI-F1 2650
    • DS-7208HGHI-F1 3900
    • DS-7216HGHI-F1 6300
    • DS-7216HGHI-F2 8600
  • 2MP HD DVR 1080P HD DVR Price
    • 4CH DVR 7A04 HQHI-K1 – RS. 2600
    • 8CH DVR 7A08 HQHI-K1 – RS. 4100
    • 16CH DVR 7A16 HQHI-K1 – RS. 6850
    • 4CH DVR 7204 HQHI-K1 – RS. 3550
    • 8CH DVR 7208 HQHI-K1 – RS. 5200
    • 16CH DVR 7216HQHI-K1- RS. 9000
    • 16CH DVR 7216HQHI-K2 – RS. 10300

3MP Hikvision Camera & DVR

    • DS-2CE56F1T-ITM, 3.6MM@1790+Tax
    • DS-2CE16F1T-IT, 3.6MM@1890+Tax
    • DS-7204HUHI-F1@4600+Tax
    • DS-7208HUHI-F1@7700+Tax
    • DS-7216HUHI-F2@16500+Tax

5MP Hikvision Camera & DVR

  • DS-2CE56H1T-ITM, 3.6MM@2050+Tax
  • DS-2CE16H1T-IT, 3.6MM@2200+Tax

5MP HD DVR Price

  • DS-7204HUHI-K1@4850+Tax
  • DS-7208HUHI-K1@8050+Tax
  • DS-7216HUHI-K2@17200+Tax
  • Note-GST@18% Extra as per norms
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Hikvision has reduced it’s price up to 10% and giving benefits of GST to its customers. Get the special price under GST for your customers. We offer the best range of Hikvision products at the lowest price. 5MP Indoor Dome Camera.

Hikvision Super Eco Products

Hikvision new camera Price List

Most Popular Quality Assured


Hikvision IP Camera and Dvr Price List

Where to get Hikvision best quality original cameras?

If you are looking for the best quality CCTV cameras for your organization you can contact us.  Our expert team will help you in choosing the best quality product.  CCTV Hikvision price list is available to us.  Get it for your customer.  We provide the best price for Hikvision CCTV Cameras.  Hikvision has various models available in various price slabs.   Hikvision cameras price start from very low.  At the same time, Hikvision has project level models as well.  Not only entry-level models Hikvision has very good quality products for viewing as far as 1000 meters.  Hikvision has the largest range of CCTV cameras.

Hikvision PTZ Cameras Latest

Hikvision PTZ Cameras Latest

Hikvision DVR price is very reasonable in the market.  Hikvision is the first one in India to give the best quality DVR.  One can say Hikvision is the first organization to bring high-quality DVRs to the market.  Hikvision has DVR with 4 channel, 8 channel, 16 channel,  32 channel.  We have all models of Hikvision.  Hikvision DVR 8 channel price which is the most sold DVR in the market.  Hikvision DVR price list India is available to us. HikVision CCTV Camera Price 2018, Latest Models has low price and best quality. Hikvision is the best-known brand name in the market. It has the largest share of CCTV in the market.  Hikvision IP camera price list of latest and upcoming models in Delhi.  HIKVISION Network IP CCTV Camera Bulk Price List has new models available. HIKVision HD CCTV and DVR, HIKVision Turbo HD 1MP cameras with all new technology with the best quality. Hikvision PTZ camera price is on the higher side as compared with Dome and bullet cameras. PTZ cameras are available in analog and IP. With its fastest Pent tilt zoom facility, Hikvision is the fastest growing brand in the market. HikVision CCTV Camera is best in the market.

Hikvision CCTV System Network POE Switch

Hikvision CCTV System Network POE Switch

Hikvision TURBO HD DVR

Price list of wireless CCTV system

Models of Hikvision Wireless CCTV System

  • Ds-2cd2110f-iw, 1.3 MP, 30 MTR IR
    Ds-2cd2110f-iw HikVision CCTV Camera Price 2018 Latest Guaranteed Low

    Ds-2cd2110f-iw HikVision CCTV Camera Price 2018 Latest Guaranteed Low

  • Ds-2cd2120f-iw, 2mp, 30 mtr IR
    Ds-2cd2120f-iw Hikvision Wifi IP Camera

    Ds-2cd2120f-iw Hikvision Wifi IP Camera

  • Ds-2cd2010f-iw, 1.3 MP, 30 MTR IR
    hikvision bullet camera
  • Ds-2cd2120f-iw, 2mp, 30 mtr IR
    hikvision bullet camera
  • DS-7104NI-SL/W, 4 CH WI-FI NVR
  • DS-7108NI-E1/V/W, 8ch WIFI NVR
  • HD Camera Dom DS-2CE56D1T-IR
  • HD Camera Dom DS-2CE56C2T-IR
  • HD Camera Dom DS-2CE56C0T-IR
  • HD Camera Dom DS-2CE16C0T-IR

hikvision project camera HD Camera Dome DS-2CE56C2T-IR

Models of Hikvision cameras available for projects.

  • HD Camera Bullet DS-2CE16D1T-IR
  • HD Camera Bullet DS-2CE16C2T-IR
  • HD Camera Bullet DS-2CE16C0T-IR
Hikvision HD Camera Bullet DS-2CE16D1T-IR
  • HD DVR 4 Channel DS-7204HGHI-SH
  • HD DVR 8 Channel DS-7208HGHI-SH
  • HD DVR 16 Channel DS-7216HGHI-SH
Hikvision DVR
  • IP Camera 1MP Bullet DS-2CD1010-I
  • IP Camera 2MP Bullet DS-2CD2020f-I
  • IP Camera 3MP Bullet DS-2CD2032F-I
Hikvision HD Camera Bullet DS-2CE16D1T-IR
  • NVR 4 Channel DS-7604NI-E1
  • NVR 8 Channel,DS-7608NI-E1 DS-7608NI-E2
  • NVR 16 Channel,DS-7616NI-E1 DS-7616NI-E1
Hikvision NVR

DS-2CE56D1T-IR DS-2CE16D1T-IRP model is available in HD Turbo series. We have the price list of both these cameras. It supports Ds-7216hqhi-sh series DVR.

Download latest brochure of Hikvision HD Turbo series 2MP cameras.

Below are the links to download latest brochure of Hikvision HD Turbo series 2MP cameras.

Turbo HD 2MP Bullet camera

Turbo HD 2MP dom camera

16 Channel HD DVR

To get the cc camera price list of Hikvision does contact us by filling the following form.  Or call us at 9818390836, 9315441053 you can also email us at info@ampletrails.com.  Please share your Hikvision cameras requirements as well while filling the form.

Hikvision Dealer Gurgaon Noida Delhi

Brief Introduction about Hikvision. 

HIKVISION.is now recognized as the No.1 global vendor of CCTV and video surveillance equipment – According to IMS Research’s World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment Report 2012. Additionally, for the 3rd consecutive year – according to IMS Research – Hikvision remains the No.1 worldwide supplier of DVR products. Also listed for four years in a row in Security 50 – a market survey recognizing the top 50 security vendors in the global security market (No. 5 in 2011). Hikvision is now publicly listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the market capitalization of US$7.3 billion.

Technical Support Toll Free: 1800-222-699
Technical Support Call Center:+91-22-28469999
(Call Center Available from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST Mon-Sat)

Why choose Hikvision?

HIKVISION Digital Technology Co. Ltd is one of the world’s leading suppliers of video surveillance products and solutions. Established in 2001, Hikvision is a global enterprise with more than 7,000 employees, including 2,000 R and D engineers. With the largest R&D team in the industry and the capability for continuous innovation, Hikvision offers products including high-definition IP cameras, speed domes, hybrid DVRs, NVRs, standalone DVRs, digital video servers and compression cards. These products are used in more than 100 countries and have been used to secure various security applications around the world. For more information please visit Hikvision ‘s website at www.hikvision.com  

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Hikvision has expanded into a global operation with regional branch offices in Los Angeles covering the Americas; Amsterdam covering Europe; and Dubai for the Middle East. There are joint ventures in India and Russia, as well as a maintenance center in Hong Kong.

HikVision CCTV Camera products have already been used at many PSU’s and Government Organization including Financial Institutions, Administration, City Surveillance, Education, Entertainment, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Transportation, … etc. Our products are CE, FCC, UL certified and Hikvision is locally present, with India HO, at Mumbai and sales and support offices at more than 19 locations across India and a well equipped Service Center at Vasai -Thane.


number 1 cctv product provider wordwide

number 1 CCTV product provider worldwide

Get the best quality CCTV cameras installed at your location. Our engineer will help you in designing best solution as per your requirements.

Hikvision Cameras in New Delhi

4 mp wifi Dome Camera DS-2CD2142FWD-IW@7200

(1/3″ Progressive CMOS, ICR, 0lux with IR, 2688×1520: 20fps, 4mm/F2.0 lens (2.8/6/8/12mm optional), H.264/MJPEG, dual-stream, IP66, DC12V & PoE, DWDR, 3D DNR, BLC, Support onboard storage up to 128GB (SD card not included), 3-axis adjustment, IR range: up to 30m, Vandal-proof housing, Support Mobile Monitoring via EZVIZ P2P
-W: Built-in Wi-Fi

3 mp wifi Bullet Camera DS-2CD2032F-IW@7000
“1/3″” Progressive CMOS, ICR, 0lux with IR, 2048×1536:20fps, 4mm/F2.0 lens (6mm optional), H.264/MJPEG, dual-stream, IP66, DWDR, 3D DNR, BLC, Support on-board storage up to 64GB (SD card not included), IR range: up to 30m, Bracket included, Support Mobile Monitoring via EZVIZ P2P, Housing: plastic and metallic, DC12V & external PoE cable,
-W: Built-in Wi-Fi connection”

4 mp ptz camera DS-2DE7430IW-AE@70000

H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 codec, 4MP, 3D DNR, ICR, Color: 0.05lux/F1.6, B/W:0.01lux/F1.6, Optical Zoom:30x, Focus:4.7-94mm, Digital Zoom:16X, 4MP:25fps, Pan Speed: 0.1° -160°/s, Tilt Speed: 0.1° -120°/s, 150m IR Distance, Hi-PoE&24VAC

Power supply@1250+Tax, Pole/ Wall Mount@1950

Hikvision16 channel NVR , 160 Mbps Ds-7716ni-k4@20,000

Note- Tax Extra as per actual.

Biometric Time Attendance Machine

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Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRMM HD720P Indoor IR Dome Camera

Indoor IR Dome Camera

Hikvision DS-2CE56C0T-IRMM

Hikvision IR Bullet Camera DS-2CE16C0T-IRP HD720P Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

IR Bullet Camera DS-2CE16C0T-IRP
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Download Hikvison SADP Tool

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Fingerprint recognition in high schools

Multi Bio uface 302 with face and fingerprint recognition access control system

Fingerprint recognition in high schools are used to mark the attendance of the students.

Various utilities of Fingerprint recognition in high schools.

Track Mid Day Meal Program using fingerprint technology.

In some of the schools there is a provision of providing mid day meal.  This can be used by the authorities for mid day meal program to find out how many students are actually getting benefits from the program.  This will help in better planning of the food requirements and helps in cost saving.

Time Saving in marking attendance. 

Fingerprint recognition machine are used in schools to save time consumed in marking attendance.  Various machines are fixed at the entrance of the high schools and pre registered finger prints are used to mark the attendance by the students of school.

Fingerprint recognition in high schools

Fingerprint recognition in high schools

Integration with Bulk SMS to notify parents. 

Attendance machines can be integrated with the Bulk SMS API to Send SMS to the parents mobile notifying about their ward attendance.  An instant message service can be used to send SMS on parents mobile to tell the arrival time of the child.  An absent message can be send as well if a child doesn’t come on time.

Attendance of students using fingerprint recognition in high schools

Fingerprint can’t be used for marking the attendance of K-12 students as their fingerprints changes very frequently.  For them face recognition machine can be used.  There is another option of using RFID cards to mark attendance.

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We supply and install biometric Time attendance machine in Narnaul Development Authority, location of headquarters of the Mahendragarh. Fingerprint recognition in high schools are used in Gurgaon Delhi for marking attendance and sending SMS to parents mobile number.

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