Uri Series LED Panel light

The Uri Series LED Panel light has a long life span and clients can easily get an effective lighting solution from these panel lights. One of the most important features of this light is that it can save up to 50 percent energy, thus helping the user save a lot of money in the electricity bill. It starts up quickly and starts emitting light as soon as it is switched on. The heat produced is dissipated properly which in turn ensures a longer life of the product. There is no harmful substance contained in the light.



Uri Series LED Panel light
Model ST-PNL2x2E3528W480-40WAC ST-PNL2X2E5630W96-40WAC ST-PNL1x4E2835W192-40WAC
Power 40W
Base Type & size (2×2) feet height 50 mm (2×2) feet height 10 mm (1X4) feet height 10 mm
Working Voltage 100-285V AC
Luminous Flux 3540 lm(CW) 3525lm(WW) 3600 lm(CW) 3575lm(WW) 3590 lm(CW) 3562lm(WW)
Color Temp White (5500-6500)degree K/Warm (2700-3000)Degree K
Beam Angle 120 degree
Power Factor >0.9
CRI (RA) RA>75
Surge Capacity of Driver >2.5 KV
Material Metal Sheet with Aluminium MC PCB
Weight 3.24Kg 3.63Kg 3.74Kg
LED Life >50000 hrs
Salient Featurs constant current, start up quickly long life span, Positive Environmental impact and reduce Global Warming
Applications Widly used in lighting for office ATM machine


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