Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Systems

Electronic time and attendance systems are the only logical solution to the infamous punch-card systems that could easily be tampered with and exploited in the past.  These days, clocking “in” and “out” merely require an internet connection or mobile phone.  These new systems instantly record data that is logged and implemented into the payroll software.

Now that technology has advanced to where we can have reliable tracking data, thanks to biometric access control systems, employers can spend less time and energy worrying about hours on the clock.

Complete Tracking Solutions

These time and attendance systems do more than provide timestamps, they can also be used to monitor employee movements with geo-locator solutions.  The system can provide real-time productivity numbers, calculate things like PTO, sliding schedules, and allow an employee to inquire about anything without having to bother the manager or supervisor.

The best biometric attendance systems store their data on the cloud, so that everything is easily accessible and never bound to computer networks, which means less maintenance for the company.

Less Costly Mistakes

Undoubtedly, the biggest draw of using things like biometric attendance systems to track employees is the elimination of having to manually track things and reduce costly errors.  Biometric fingerprint systems are becoming commonplace for smartphones, so it only makes sense to implement that into the workplace.  Now, face-recognition attendance systems might be more expensive than your average time and attendance system, but the cost of never having to worry about “buddy punching” more than pays for itself.

Peace of Mind

Any high-level manager will tell you how big of a value that a biometric time and attendance system can add.  It allows one to spend less time micromanaging things at the employee level and more times managing the actual company.  Large companies have to wage a constant war against corner-cutters and employees who spend their time finding ways to cheat the system.  It’s unavoidable—if you think your staff would never do something like that, then chances are they already are, the “perfect” employees know they can get away with more without any suspicion.

It’s only human to want to get paid more for doing less, as long as it is within reason.  Employers who want to save their sanity and just implement a time and attendance system that essentially runs itself must get past the sticker-shock and consider how much will be saved with a system like that in-place.

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