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How to set up a low cost lab saving lot of money on hardware and software – Case Study

How to set up a low cost lab saving lot of money on hardware and software – Case Study

If you are a start up, school, college or any institute, who need to set up a low cost lab of computer and don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to use your money efficiently.   There is a solution by which you would be able to save lot of money, getting best performance.  There is drastic change happening in computer industry.  After every 3 years you feed a need to to replace your hardware and software.  With new gadgets coming in with better productivity, speed, less power consumption spending a lot of money on lab sounds like an extra expense.

The solution is to make one of your system as master server and other as clients.   Clients don’t need a dedicated CPU, they can be powered or served by the server.  It is just the server which need a high end CPU.  As all your team will be using the power system, so would be able to get their work done in very less time.  There will be one main server which will be serving all the attached clients.  The server will be attached with the LAN using switch.  You can create a combination of 1<–>7, where 1 is the server and 7 are the clients which will be powered by that server.  The server can be of a very good brand and can have original software, preventing you from braking any laws.  Since they are interconnected so the main server can be connected with an internet dongle and all the other will be sharing the internet connection.  People in the same lab would be able to easily share documents.  Crash of operating system or software will require re-installation or restoration of one system only, lead to saving time.

How to save hardware cost?

Since there will be one CPU required to power up clients so there will be significant cost saving on RAM, Hard disk, processor.  The clients only need monitor, keyboard, mouse.  This lead to a saving of hardware cost.  If the lab need to be powered by internet dongle for internet connection, then also one internet connection will be sufficient.

How to save software cost?

Since one operating system or software is required so there will be a significant cost saving in the software cost.  No need to buy software of each system.  The main server can have all the required software running.

How to save maintenance cost?

In case of failure of operating system or software one system need to be re-installed or restored.  This lead to a lot of time saving and lead to less maintenance efforts.

How to save on Electricity?

There will be less number of CPU required, so less electricity is required to have all the system running.  This will be helpful in saving a lot on electric bill.

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Best School Admission Fees Management Software 2017 Get Free Demo

Best School Admission Fees Management Software

School software management can be define as all in one school management system i.e. design and develop to simplify administrative, academic and financial management of any school. School software is used by a large amount of education organization around the world to deal with all the school administration and management associated activities that comprise a student admission, student and employee’s attendance, examination, track record of student and employees performance etc in a specified and structured manner. We should get technology to make our life easy and efficient it in what we believe in.  We also write an article about how to manage school easily with school software.

The best thing about school management software is that it integrates all the department process and function of the school by consolidating respective information on a central serve which help in better information sharing and fast retrieval of information making the task more stream lined and organized. Thus in torn, help school management to take prompt decision. Various reputed school in India are using best school software management system to meet their administrative and academic requirement.

Best School Admission Fees Management Software

Best School Admission Fees Management Software

School software management can be define as a complete solution for all the educational establishment because they ensure to give an impetus to the performance of the school and all those using the software as it covers the daily school task such as registration, admission, fees structure, bus routes, creating time table for both student and teachers, hostel management etc and over 100 module that will escalade the menageries skill and performance of the school in all face. The various importance of the best school management software systems are mention below:-

  1. Multi school support in one school management software
  2. Automatically prepares all certificates and reports (report export to Word, Excel and PDF)
  3. All the transactions are strongly encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and security of the database
  4. Create and provides easy one-step ID card printing
  5. Manage student activities and behaviour management
  6. SMS alert system for fees, exam, transport, management etc.
  7. Manage student/staff attendance tracking and information efficiently
  8. Automatic backup facility
  9. User friendly navigation with desk board and tool bar
  10. Complete salary management for employees
  11. Easy payroll system with allowances and deduction
  12. The user defines fees structure of students
  13. View reports of any department / school, individually or cumulatively
  14. Parent to access the marks & grades online and compare with other student
  15. Transport fee collection of root wise and stoppage wise
  16. Easy access to attendance, timetable, results, fees & examination schedule
  17. Miscellanies, impressed money and caution money structure and trust fees
  18. Library Management System
  19. Support for external device Interface like Bar Codes etc.
  20. Invoices, receipts, results, reports, print with school logo, school name and the school’s address

Our dedicated and highly qualified software designer, developers and the entire team of the school management software system have intensively researched on the requirement of running a school in an efficient manner. The software will enable it s client to track details of the student. Any software management system will remarkably reduced 89% of manual work. It will be hassle free and reduce the wastage of paper in school. The software management system will help any school in running their organization smooth with panache. We have the Top School Administration Software for managing the school attendance, fees, finance, SMS.  We also design and develop websites according to cbse guidelines. To get the school software for  your organization or for reselling to your clients do call us at 9315441053, 9818390836.  You can also email us at info at ampletrails.com

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Automatic School Students attendance Machine

face recognition Attendance machineAutomatic School Students attendance Machine can be used using the face recognition technology.  Fingerprint is not the correct solution for the kids as there prints changes very frequently and marking the attendance become a problem.

RFID based Attendance Machine

A lot of time is wasted daily of teachers and learners in marking attendance.  A lots of efforts are made to automate this process.  RFID cards can be used to mark the attendance but there are chances of marking proxy by card being carried by the fellow students.  There are good number of chances that students may forgot there cards at home.  Moreover they need to touch the cards near the machine to mark the attendance.  Attendance will not be marked in case student forgot the card at home.

Automated School Attendance System


UHF cards based time and attendance machines

To overcome the above mentioned issued UHF cards based time and attendance machines are used.  These receivers are capable of capturing attendance from a distance range of 15 to 20 meters.  So the automatic attendance will be marked as soon as the student enters the school premises.  There can be multiple reads which can be attached to the controller to identify the UHF cards which are carried by the students.  The assumption in these kinds of readers are that no 2 students will be at same distance from the reader.  This can further be integrated with time and attendance software to generate reports which can be used by school or parents.  Bulk SMS system can be integrated with the software using the Bulk SMS API.  This will be used to send SMS to the parents about the arrival time of the students and absent report in case a student doesn’t arrive at  the given mentioned time.

Face Recognition Technology Face Attendance Machine

UHF readers solved one problem but is still left with the problem of proxy.  The best available solution to this problem is to use Face recognition technology.  Face of the students can be registered to mark the attendance of the students.  Automatic School Students attendance Machine can be used.  Students can come in front of the machine in the morning and mark the attendance.  Various attendance machines can be installed according to the height of the students.  Suggested quantity is to install one machine per classroom per section but one can install one machine for every class.  The quality decision needs to be taken depending upon the queuing time of the students.

Automatic School Students attendance Machine

Automatic School Students attendance Machine

Automated School Attendance System

Some of our prestigious clients using the solution are

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