Full Fill the Learning Needs and Expectations of a New Generation of Students!!!

With the wide-spread of technology in every field, education has taken a new way of teaching and learning. As students of tech-generation, learners are more interested in learning but with the new technology. They want to learn everything and at every moment of life. The learners of new tech-generation want to use every single moment of their life, so they demand that the education adapt to the technological trends being used every day.

The new generation is advance and emerged to come over from their previous generation by the following qualities

  • More keen to learn new things.
  • Ease with technology.
  • Ready to adopt changes.
  • More creative.
  • Indulge in group/social activities.
  • Communicate worldwide through social websites, internet, smartphones, etc.
  • Explore to find the answer instead of being crammed.

What’s the solution?

Now, questions arise that what we have to offer to this tech-gen? How we can fit on the expectations of new generation learners? So, technology has provided us with the term of Online Learning for the learners of new generation. But this term comes with a new problem that how to manage online learning?

Don’t worry! Here we are to help you with the solutions of your problems. We have Online Learning Management System to fulfill the needs of this tech lover generation as well as to solve your problems. An Online Learning Management System is a software application, which helps to develop and to deliver the online courses and programs.

The features of LMS which attracts learners towards it are as follows but are not limited to these

  • Online registration
  • Opportunity to learn from anywhere
  • Online examination
  • Availability of customized study material
  • Easy course management
  • Discussion platforms like wiki/forum
  • Remove hesitation



Key Differences Between Campus Learning and Online Learning

Campus Learning

Online Learning


You are required to attend the classes at certain time.

You can schedule your classes according to your timings.

Course Material

You don’t have the recording of the lectures.

You have customized study material, where you have audio/video, any kind of document, pictures, etc.


You do face to face communication.

You do face to face communication as well as can use other instant communication tools like; message board, online chatting, etc.


You hardly have a chance to interact with other teachers or student of other classes.

You have social networking platform like wiki/forum to interact with others.


You pay for dining hall, libraries, building, etc. So, campus learning becomes expensive.

You don’t need to pay anything for this. So, online learning is less expensive.

Enrollment for courses

Schedule clash can be a barrier in joining two or more courses at a time.

You can adjust schedule of any course, so you have the opportunity to join two or more courses at a time.


A survey of more than 2,500 colleges and universities nationwide reveals that more than 5.6 million students were enrolled in at least one online course in fall 2009 and these numbers will reach to about 8 million in 2012. This indicates the interest of learners in online learning.

Another report finding says that about three-quarters of institutions report that the demand of technology by the learners has increased the availability of online courses and programs. Apart from this, survey respondents expected that the quality of online education would be superior to that of traditional education.

To know more about how can you enjoy the benefits of LMS and how can you give a learning platform with new technology to your students, contact us.

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How to reduce Training Cost?

Reduce Training Cost: Training is necessary in almost every field. You can take any sector you want, it may be educational sector or IT sector, you can consider medical sector or look at any business sector, training is required for every sector. Training is costly to develop and to deliver and it contributes a large part of the total cost of the business.

Before considering the ways to cut the training cost, first we should consider the different How to reduce Training Costcategories of the training costs. It includes

  • The Trainer
  • Facilities
  • Cost of traveling
  • Training Environment Cost
  • Material Developing Cost
  • Material Maintenance Cost
  • Evaluation Cost

All these are required for the training. We can’t eliminate anything to cut the cost of training. So we can go with a product which

  • Increase ease of learning
  • Increase success rate and cut error rate
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase management of users
  • Is easy to use and understand
  • And cut the cost of learning/training

So, here we have the solution of this problem of training cost! We have an amazing software product…..the product which will give the full value to our customers…..You can continue to increase productivity by keeping training while it will cost you low in comparison to the past.

Online Training is the best solution of this problem. Learning Management System (LMS) is the best tool used to give and to manage online training. It has many features which are helpful to manage users. It saves time as well as money also.

How it reduces the cost of training

Here we have a table comparing the different costs of the each method of training (The Traditional Way of Training and Online Training)-



Cost Traditional Way of Training Online Training
Trainer Yes One Time
Facilities Every Time One Time
Cost of Traveling Yes No
Training Environment Cost Yes May Be
Material Developing Cost Yes No
Material Maintenance Cost Yes No
Evaluation Cost Yes No


How Online Training can help?

  • If you give Online Training you can make videos and audio of training session and can give this material to the trainees. This will cut the cost of trainer.
  • As the session can be recorded and no more facilities will be required.
  • Trainee can learn from anywhere, so no more need to travel.
  • By Online Training one can’t create the training environment but in many cases where training environment is not so much important, it works perfectly.
  • In Online Training you don’t need any hard copy of training material. The recorded videos and audio work as the training material. Apart from this, if one likes to give any other notes or documents, they can upload it without paying any extra penny.
  • There is no extra maintenance cost in providing training Online.
  • One of the great features of the LMS is that you can check the performance of the trainee and it doesn’t costs anything.

Contact us to know more about how and how much we can cut your training cost without affecting the quality of your training session.

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