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Smartoffice365 Cloud based Attendance System

Smartoffice365 Cloud based Attendance System.
We are excited to introduce you cloud (SaaS) based Time & Software – “Smartoffice365”.

Attendance management on Cloud
Free web Based Software

Smartoffice365 will make Time & Attendance management in your organisation very easy, affordable and fast.

Attendance Payroll on Cloud

Attendance Payroll on Cloud

  • Highlights of Smartoffice365 Cloud based Attendance System :-
    It is very easy to implement and simple to use. It is integrated with biometric devices using push data. You can go live in a matter of few minutes.
  • It is suitable for all size of organisations – Small, medium and Large.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive software licenses, servers, operating system, antivirus, static IP etc.
  • You don’t need to recruit expert and expensive manpower to manage it
  • It is very light on your pockets. You need to pay small fee as per your employee headcount on monthly basis.
  • Employee Self Service module makes it easy for staffs and HR for various important functions such as attendance and leave management. It is available on web as well as Android phones.
  • You can download the Android Mobile App from the play store : SmartOffice ESS

Attendance Management Solutions on Cloud

Cloud based Attendance system help in reducing the infrastructure cost in managing attendance of employees.  You just need our machine with push data technology. For more information please feel free to contact on 9315441053 or write an email at info@ampletrails.com . You can also fill the following form to get arrange a call back from one of our exports.

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Web Based Attendance management

  • Full Proof IP based attendance management to remove the need for physical device
  • If IP Based attendance is not your thing, we provide device based attendance management also.

Comp-off apply and approval

  • Employees working on holidays or week off can apply for leave which in turn is approved by the manager

Real time Device Management

  • Auto download data in real time with windows service

Shift Management

  • Assign multiple shifts in a Day. (Multiple shift/Auto shift/Flexible shift)

Advance Leave Management

  • Periodical Auto Allotment of Leave, as required.
  • Auto Leave Allotment After Date of Joining or Date of Confirmation or based on any other criteria
  • Leave Allotment by Category (Since Different category can have different Leave Allotment Limit)
  • Track Employee Leave Credit History

User Management

  • With latest software, Block and Unblock users access to the device.


  • Leaves or Outdoor entries

Database support

  • MS SQL/Oracle (Oracle 8i,10G express, 11G express, 10G enterprise edition, 11G enterprise edition, 11G professional)


Leave apply and Approval

  • Employee can apply leave using his/her portal where in, the concerned manager / Superior can approve or Deny applied leave using portal login.

Comp-off apply and approval

  • Employees working on holidays or week off can apply for leave which in turn is approved by the manager.

Outdoor Entry

  • Onsite/ field work approval and entry

Employee swipe / Punch records

  • Employees can access their punch record details.

Restricted holiday apply

  • Employee can apply for restricted holidays where as his/her manager can approve or deny.


Employee Panel

  • Apply Outdoor
  • Employee Outdoor entries
  • Apply Leave
  • Apply comp Off Grant
  • Apply comp Off
  • Employee Leave Summary
  • Apply Restricted Holiday
  • Public holidays list
  • Clock In/clock Out
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Attendance Details
  • Swipe Details

Manager Panel

  • Employee Attendance Details
  • Employee Device Logs(Approve/Decline)
  • Employee Outdoor Entries(Approve/Decline)
  • Employee Comp Off Accrual(Approve/Decline)
  • Pending Approvals(Approve/Decline)
  • Employee Leave entries(Approve/Decline)
  • GPS track location

Smart office 365 is a SaaS ( software as a service) based Time & Attendance software.You can access it through web browsers such as internet explorer,chrome or mobile applications. It is hosted in a world class data center with high speed internet, power and data back up and managed by highly skilled dedicated team.

Free Cloud and Free Web Software

Smart office 365 is integrated with selected biometric devices using push data. We do not sale or support any biometric or rfid devices. We work together with our widespread channel partner network to offer the best possible services to our customers.Technical support is provided by channel partners only.

Pre-sales support :

Our Pre Sales team is available to help you in evaluating our products, to understand your requirements and to answer any questions you may have.

Web Demo

If you want a personally guided tour, our sales staff will schedule a web demo for you and explain all the features in detail. You will learn how to navigate the application and be familiar with various functions you may find very useful for your organisation.

Free trial

We offer 15 days free trial to select customers on request. You can practically use smart office 365 and see how it suits to your requirements. No credit cards required. No commitment required.
Signup for trial

After-sales support :

We are happy to serve you always.

Online help manual

We offer online help manual for your reference which will help you resolve most issues on your own.

Raise ticket

However if you need more assistance from us, you can click on “Raise Ticket Option” in the application.

Registered channel partner for your account will get in touch with you quickly to resolve the query.

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