School Automatic Bell System

School Automatic Bell System

automatic school bell with traditional bell sound

New model of APB with advanced features as follows:
1.      50 bells can be programmed to ring in 24 Hours.
2.      24 Schedules can be programmed. This means machine can store 24 different schedules of 50 bells each which is sufficient to store all possible combinations of different schedules in a year.
3.      Each day of a week can be programmed with different schedule i.e. Monday can have its independent schedule then Tuesday or Wednesday or any other day in a week and likewise.
4.      3 modes of operation i.e. Summer Mode, Winter Mode & Exam Mode.
5.      Calendar Holidays: 10 calendar holidays in a month can be programmed by specifying respective date. Likewise 120 holidays for a year can be directly programmed in this machine.
6.      Monthly off: If there is some day or date as fixed holiday in every month like second Saturday or last day of month or any fix date that can be programmed in this machine.
7.      Weekly Holiday: Since this machine has facility to program each day separately, so any day or all days of a week can be programmed as holiday.

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