Jayo Series LED Bulb Lights

jayoDescription: ST-­‐B22W0.5-­‐8-­‐5WAC

The Jayo Series LED Bulb Light is designed to perfection for modern uses. The bulb is durable and does not radiate infrared and ultraviolet light. It is an eco friendly product that helps save a lot of energy and thus a lot of money. Equipped with Eye Protection Diffuse Cover and anti-vibration mechanism, this bulb has a life of more than 5000 hours. It is a perfect choice for lighting in office buildings, hotels, meeting rooms, showrooms, home and other public areas. The working voltage for this light is AC 100-285V/12-48 VDC.


Jayo Series LED Bulb Light

Model ST-B22W0.5-8-5WAC ST-B22W0.5-10-7WAC ST-B22EVW0.5-32-16WAC
Power 5W 7W 16W
Base Type & size B22/E27
Working Voltage 100-285V AC
Luminous Flux 435lm (CW) 420 lm(WW) 580lm (CW) 562lm(WW) 1670 lm(CW) 1650lm(WW)
Color Temp White (5500-6500)degree K/Warm (2700-3000)Degree K
Beam Angle 120 degree
Power Factor >0.9
CRI (RA) RA>75
Surge Capacity of Driver >2.5 KV
Material Aluminium/Glass
Weight 60gm+ 5g 230gm+ 5g
LED Life >50000 hrs
Salient Featurs Positive Environmental impact and reduce Global Warming, Super heat convection system(HCS), Eye protection Diffuse cover
Applications Hotel lighting, Home Showroom

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