Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machines

Fingerprint based time attendance machines- Low cost, value for money and best fingerprint Based Time & Attendance Machines. Following are the list of economy priced and best fingerprint based time and attendance machines used in industry, factories, shops, schools, colleges, Universities. Please click on the individual machine to know the detailed specification of the machine. These are low cost and very reliable as well as durable time and attendance machines. Best time and attendance machine for all your needs. These machines have software which is capable of generating 150 plus industry standard reports. Great attendance machines available at best price range with lots of features. Contact us now at 9818390836, 9034757673 or to get in touch with our experts.


Biometric Attendance Machine (E9999)

Fingerprint X628

Fingerprint X628

Biometric Time Attendance Machine UA 300

UA 300


Biometric Time and Attendance Machine (i9C)



Biometric Attendance Machine (6161T)


Biometric Attendance Machine (FTA 6030)

FTA 6030


Biometric Attendance Machine (X990)


Biometric Attendance Machine (FTA 5454)

FTA 5454


Biometric Attendance Machine (FTA 1818)

FTA 1818

Biometric Attendance Machine (FTA S20)


Biometric Time Attendance Machine (DS 100)

DS 100

Biometric Time Attendance Machine (Biopad 100)

Biopad 100

MT100 (Portable Device)

MT100(Portable Device)

Fingerprint based low cost cheap and best biometric time and attendance devices for all your needs. These machines are available in different capacity and different speed. These are best machines to solve all your problems related to time and attendance of the employee. You will get ROI(Return on your Investment) within few days after installing these machines. Your employee will start coming on time and will devote complete time. These machines have proved their capability, durability, affordability by successfully running and working in government organizations, corporates, schools, colleges, universities etc. in various part of the county. The reporting software is very robust and can connect with several machines. You can get data using GPRS from various machines. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query.

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Fingerprint attendance system is the best biometric attendance system for managing time and attendance of employees. Fingerprint can be used to mark attendance and record time of employee. Biometric machines are best for managing In and Out time of employees. Our attendance machine comes with free attendance software for 500 employes and up to 10 machines. Electronic attendance machines are very popular with fingerprint and card based system. Attendance system can reduce the work load of marking attendance of employees. Attendance software can help in generating the daily, monthly, yearly reports of employees. Fingerprint of employees can be register in the machine. These fingerprints will be matched automatically by the attendance machine when an employee places his finger. Biometric attendance system can be attached with biometric access control system to manage access and attendance. It can calculate the total work duration of the employes. Fingerprint readers can be used to uniquely identify person. These readers can help in canteen management, access control, visitor management.

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