Finger Vein Access control system eSSL FV350

Finger Vein Access control system eSSL FV350 is designed for high security areas such as Banks, R&D labs, Secured Data center etc.
Features Finger Vein Access control system eSSL FV350
Independent R&D finger vein  technology
Work in standalone mode or with TCP/IP connected
Reliable, durable and highly accurate authentication
2.8-inch capacitive touch screen
Finger Vein Access control system FV350

Finger Vein Access control system FV350

Key features are mentioned below :
  • Dual authentication : Finger vein and Fingerprint
  • Inbuilt embedded Access Control and can operate without a dedicated computer
  • Advance Access Control functions such as Time zones, time groups , duress finger, Anti Pass back etc.
  • Weigand, works with third party access control panels
  • 2.8-inch Capacitive touch screen
  • Reliable, durable and highly accurate
  • Reads human finger Vein patterns beneath the skin’s surface
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FV350 Finger Vein Higher Security

Finger Vein Access control system FV350

Finger Vein Access control system FV350

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