Face Attendance Machine Comparison IFace 302 MB200 KF200

Face Attendance Machine Comparison IFace 302 MB200 KF200

Face Attendance Machine is new technology where an employee/user just need to stand in front of the device and his/her attendance will be marked.  You can contact us to know face attendance machine price. 
Industries where there are labor workers or the hand work is more Face Attendance Machines are recommended for those. In such kind of industries i.e. Hotel Industries, Hospitals, Construction, etc. are the main industries where these Face attendance machines are highly recommended. Because the workers have to do work by hands their hands may be dirty or oily. In many cases their can be scratches or cuts on their hands. In this case the device will not recognize the finger of employees. In many cases the finger scanner got damaged if the attendance is being marked by ruff/oily fingers. In this case one can implement Face Attendance Machine. This device need not to be touched by labor or user. They just need to stand in front of the device and their attendance will be marked. This is the best solution for the attendance of labor workers.

Face Recognition Time and Attendance Systems Providers in India. Face Recognition with Finger recognition is also available. This model has all facilities i.e. Face Recognition, Biometric and RFID. Big organizations like this model IFace 302 very much. They just love this device. Its model and features are unbelievable.

Other models are also very popular. One who use these just love it.

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Specification IFACE302 KF200 MB200
Image Face Fingerprint Based Attendance System With Access Control essl Iface-302 best face recognition machine for attendance recording in india KF200 Face Time Attendance System essl Identix
biometric face attendance machine india MB200 Face Finger Time Attendance System essl Identix


Face capacity 3000 400 400
Fingerprint 2000 NO 500
Transaction 100000 80,000 80,000
Card /RFID Yes  Yes  Optional
Communication 2 USB host & TCP/IP,RS232/485 USB & TCP/IP USB & TCP/IP
Optional Features Mifare card,WiFi/GPRS
Camera 4.3” TFT touch screen 2.8-inch TFT Screen 2.8-inch TFT Screen

Get the best face recognition machine for attendance recording in India. We have fingerprint face RFID time attendance machine with access control system. If you are looking for best place to buy face detection attendance machine in India you are at the right place. We are the largest distributor of facial recognition machines in India. Contact us now to know the facial recognition machines prices in India. Now you can get biometric face attendance machine in Punjab. Get the best quality biometric face attendance machine India at lowest price. Face attendance machines comes with software for attendance calculation. Now get the lowest price biometric facial attendance system in NCR. Biometric face attendance system in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida. Our trained engineer will tell you how to install biometric machines. By contacting you you can find our biometric based attendance device with less cost. We are the largest time attendance machine dealer.

Types of Face Attendance Machine

  • Face recognition machine for attendance recording.
  • Face recognition machine for Access Control System with Attendance.
  • Face recognition machine for attendance recording with fingerprint.
  • Face recognition machine with fingerprint for Access Control System with Attendance.
  • Face recognition machine with RFID for Access Control System with Attendance.

We have attendance machine online with face recognition which means you can see its data on online server.

Get the face detection machines in India, facial time / attendance system, rfid card based time attendance system.

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Download Time and Attendance Software

Face attendance machine support both desktop and web based software. In we based software you can get data on your centralized server. Face readers are best for multi location projects. Companies with multiple offices seperated geographically can also make use of face readers for time and attendance monitoring.