eSSL Smart Office Suite

eSSL Smart Office Suite is new launched software from eSSL.  eSSL Smart Office Suite comes in three variants.

  1. eSSL Smart Office Dekstop
  2. eSSL Smart Office Web
  3. eSSL Smart Office Cloud

essl smart office 64 bit is designed to run on 64 bit system.  The default software works on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.  eSSL Smart Office Desktop required activation code to generate license key.  You need to provide activation code which is found in the help option in the software.  Both Desktop software and web based software require license key for its working.

essl smart office activation code

essl smart office activation code

Biometric attendance system software eSSL Smart Office Suite

essl smart office activation code is found in the help –> About us menu option present in the software.  To copy the activation code just click on the edit license key option.  Sample activation code will look like 00111626908640.  By default the license key is blank or 0000-00.  When you contact eSSL to get the license key you will get a value like 0002-0125-111110100101-101001-18786833958464.  This license key decide for how many users and for how many devices software will work.

essl smart office login is required to access the information.  By default essl smart office login is essl as user name and essl as password.

essl smart office demo can be downloaded or watch online depends upon what kind of software you are interested in.  If you are interested in essl smart office demo of desktop software then you can download it from the download link.  If you are interested in essl SmartOffice User Manual you can download it.  You can click on 

User Name essl

Password essl

essl smart office error can be solved by doing following steps.

  • Give permission to essl folder.  By default its present in the C:\Program Files (x86)\eSSL
  • Installing 4.0 
  • Installing Report Viewer 2010 
  • Installing MS access database drivers for 64bit OS (Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0)

Features of eSSL Smart Office Desktop Software Suite

Attendance Management System

is important for every organization. To manage IN and OUT time of employees is very important. It become more important in case of multi location. You can use Smart Office Desktop Software Suite for managing complete Attendance of an organization. It comes with Biometric Time Attendance Machine integration. Smart Office Desktop Software Suite help in automation of your attendance process. It help you in saving time of your organization.

    • Graphical Attendance Views (Day, Work Week, Week, Month, Year views)
    • Automated Overtime Calculation
    • Automated Late-In/Early-Out Calculation
    • Grace Periods for Work Start/End Times
    • Attendance Data Re-calculating
    • User defined Attendance Types
    • Editable Attendance
    • User-defined Leave Types
    • GSM SIM card slot AC adapter for 230V +or-10%, 50Hz operation
Advantages of Smart Office online – Web Based
You can manage Time & Attendance of all your staff across your branches in single software from your Headquarter.
It works on the concept of push data. This solution requires One server and one public IP. This eliminates the installation of servers/software all over the branches. Supports ALL Push data &  GPRS devices .


It is simple yet loaded with lots of exciting features such as….
  • Mobile App with Employee self-service/GPS tracking for all versions
  • Web SMS-   You can send real-time SMS for attendance to Parents/Manager or others.
  • Block & Unblock users: – Block and Unblock users through software to the devices( Device with new firmware supports this feature)
  • Attendance Month Locked- You can lock your attendance month for attendance/Payroll Process.
  • Auto Mailer – You can send a daily/monthly report to your manager automatically.
  • Master/Slave Device- Enrolment/Deletion can be done in Master device & updated to all Slave devices automatically  ( Device with new firmware supports this feature)
  • New Advance Leave Module:
  • Auto Leave Allotment By Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly
  • Auto Leave Allotment After Date of Joining or Date of Confirmation
  • Leave avail after Date Of Joining, Date of Confirmation and After certain months of employment completed.
  • Leave Allotment by Category(Since Different category can have different Leave Allotment Limit)
  • Track Employee Leave Credit History.
  • Max Avail Leave Per MonthMultiple shift/ Auto shift/ Flexible shift:- You can assign Multiple shifts in a Day .
  • Fetch Controller Data- You can download data from controller database (Zk access 5.2.22 SQL/Oracle)
  • Database support – MS SQL /Oracle( Oracle 8i,10g express, 11G express, 10g enterprise edition,11G enterprise edition ,11G professional)
  • Parallel Data base export- You can export data to ERP or another database simultaneously
  • The various format of reports. You can define label format in the reports.
  •  Employee Self Service module (ESS)- Supports both Desktop and Web version

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