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E-Learning for TrainingE-Learning plays an important role in training. Learning knows no boundaries. A man has to learn at every step of his life. Learning is expected for a new job as well as for a job which we have done for a long time or which we are doing. Every job requires some special skills; maybe it’s a job of a driver or a job of a technician. Similar job in different places has different job profile with different working conditions. Here one has to do different duties and have to adopt different work culture and conditions. So the need of learning arouses. There is a great revolution in technology. Every day a new technology is emerging. If an industry wants to sustain in the market it has to adopt these new technologies. If a company adopts something new, all of its employees need to be educated about these new technologies. Here ones again the need of learning arouses. There are many situations where some changes occur in existing working process. These changes need some knowledge to do the work properly. This generates the condition for learning. For these conditions companies give training to the employees. Companies need to give training in three conditions

  • When it hires a new employee.
  • When it adopts a new technology.
  • When there is any change in the existing working process.

These training programs cost very high to the companies. Apart from the money they consumes much time of the employees which interrupts the daily schedule of the employees. There are cases when as the training completes and employee has to leave his/her job and then need for training arouse again.
To be safe from all these situations, companies are now moving towards E-Learning where companies have no need to hire a trainer again and again for the same job. They have no need to schedule training period for each employee. Nobody’s work gets affected due to the training.
E-Learning is an emerging term in the field of education. This is internet based learning. It comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. E-Learning has spread its wing in almost all the sectors and for the training purposes many companies has adopted it.
There are many benefits of providing training through E-Learning-

  • Save time.
  • Less expensive.
  • Any time availability of trainers.
  • Virtual training
  • Employee can join program according to the availability of time.
  • Employee can recall it even after the training period.
  • Employee’s work schedule doesn’t get affected.

Save Time

Administration has to set a schedule for the training by its traditional way. Administrator has to spend his/her precious time for this schedule planning. Trainees have to spare some time for training. In other words, traditional way of training consumes much more time of administrator as well as of employees. As there is no need of scheduling if we adopt e-learning programs and employees have no need to spare the time for training, it save the time.

Less expensive
Manual training cost very high. Company has to pay to trainers and some time they need some assistant. So company pays accordingly and it needs to pay this amount for every time when the training occurs. E-learning is the best solution of this.  As one can upload training program in any form like videos, audio, pictures, notes, presentation, etc. E-learning removes the need of trainer. Trainees can learn from the uploaded material without any trainer. By this way company save its hard-earned money.

Any time availability of trainers
Company has to run its training program according to the time schedule of the trainers. As e-learning makes trainer dispensable, company can run the training program according to its own.

Virtual Training
If a company has many branches at different places they have to schedule same training program for each branch and has to pay for each. E-learning covers this drawback and provides a place where company can upload its training program which can be access by any employee of any branch who has the login/password. Thus same training program can take place at any part of the world.

Employee can join program according to the availability of time
Traditional training goes on according to the scheduled timings and trainee has to spare that time for training but e-learning overcomes this problem and gives the freedom to the trainee to join the training program according to the availability of time. When s/he gets free time or completer their work they can join the program.

Employee can recall it even after the training period
In the traditional way of training, after completion of the training session there is no way to recall the practice. E-Learning gives any time availability to the employee so when s/he needs to recall any section of the training s/he can go for it.

Employee’s work schedule doesn’t get affected
As we know for the training via traditional way trainee has to left his/her daily work, this shuffles the work schedule of the trainee.  As the work of an employee connects to the work of other employee, delay in the work of trainee affects the chain of production. But if training is provided by e-learning, trainee has no need to compromise his/her work because there is no schedule for the training and trainee can learn when s/he wants.
These are the reasons why companies are turning towards E-Learning instead of the manual training and show the importance of E-Learning.

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