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Attendance Machine Multi Location

Attendance Machine Multi Location With the growth of company managing employees attendance becomes a big challenge.  Having offices at multiple locations requires attendance machines to be installed at all the location and data to be sent to central location.  This information is required in real time.  Attendance logs need to be transmitted to the central […]

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Guard Patrol System Biometric eSSL

Guard Patrol System Biometric is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as security guards patrolling property which helps to ensure that the employee makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can save the record for future references. Main Applications of Guard Patrol System Biometric eSSL: […]

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Turnstiles Inbuilt Access Control System

Turnstiles Inbuilt Access Control System We offer Turnstiles with Inbuilt RFID and BIOMETRIC fingerprint Access control system. This is huge advantage for System Integrators and Customers as they save time and avoid unnecessary cost. Features of Turnstiles with Inbuilt Access Control System Quick and easy to install as all parts are factory fitted. Network compatible as […]

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Comparison between Attendance Machine E9999, 6161T and X990

Comparison between Attendance Machine E9999 , 6161T and X990 India Delhi Gurgaon Noida Attendance System attendance device attendance automation attendance

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Server for Web Application

Server for web application.  How to choose? Having a low loading time of your application gives a better experience to your user.  This will also whelp in better SEO of your website.  As the content is the kind and fast server and low latency result in more number of users. There are couple of things […]

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Biometric Fingerprint Identification Based Access Control System with Time and Attendance Integration

We have lots of options available for Access Control System.  A lot of Biometric Fingerprint Identification Based Access control devices are available.  One of the model is Biometric Time and Attendance Machine with access control machine K 20.  Its a branded machine of eSSL with software support and direct excel report.  Not just attendance using […]

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Worker Attendance Using Biometric Time Attendance System

Face recognition time attendance system SFace900 eSSL

Worker Attendance Using Biometric Time Attendance System Maintaining Time and attendance of workers is a time consuming work.  Reconciling it at the end of month to count number of present days, absent days, leave taken consumes a lot of time.  Biometric System of attendance help in saving the time wasted in maintaining the time and […]

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Attendance Machine Buy Online

Total Integrated Solution

Attendance Machine Buy Online Do you want to buy attendance machines online but worried about service?  How will you get after sales support.  Who will come for the installation of the machine.  How software will be installed?  How software related query will be resolved?  These are the major concerns that every one have when attendance […]

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Biometric Attendance System Suppliers India

Fingerprint Attendance Machine Price in Kolkata

Biometric Attendance System Suppliers India Looking for a best quality Biometric Attendance System Suppliers India?  You have came to a right place.  We provide best quality time and attendance machines of this planet in India.  Location in which we supply time and attendance machines in India?  Anywhere in any part of India we have tie […]

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Bulk SMS Service Provider Gurgaon

Bulk SMS Service Provider Gurgaon.  Gurgaon is growing at a very fast rate. Everyone want to get business in Gurgaon. Best and fastest way to reach customers is through Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is the fastest way of communicating information to your customers. You can get SMS delivered to your customers in Gurgaon. SMS is […]

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