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Bulk SMS Service Provider Gurgaon

Bulk SMS Service Provider Gurgaon.  Gurgaon is growing at a very fast rate. Everyone want to get business in Gurgaon. Best and fastest way to reach customers is through Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is the fastest way of communicating information to your customers. You can get SMS delivered to your customers in Gurgaon. SMS is the best and the fastest way for advertisement. It is even used by people to convey information about new product launching. Send Bulk SMS to promote your business.

Bulk SMS Service Provider India Send Bulk SMS Online

Bulk SMS Service Provider India Send Bulk SMS Online

We are providing Bulk SMS services in Gurgaon. We provide Bulk SMS service in Gurgaon through our online portal. Our Bulk SMS service is used by Gurgaon customers to send transactional and promotional SMS. We also provide white labeled panel for business providers who want to sell Bulk SMS to their customers. You just need to take care of your customers and in the background we manages servers and all other required things. No need to hire people to develop web application. We provide Bulk SMS web portal which can be used to create customers. Our Bulk SMS services can be used to reach people instantaneously. We have the best and the fastest Bulk SMS sending platform.
Bulk SMS Service Provider Gurgaon

We provide cost effective Bulk SMS services in Gurgaon. Our Bulk SMS services can be used by builders to reach prospective buyers. Study centers uses services to inform parents about their wards performance. They keep their parents updated about their wards day to day activity. They also use Bulk SMS services to keep student informed about new courses. Tours and travelers uses our Bulk SMS services in Gurgaon to send information about the new packages to there new as well as existing customers. It is also used to send information about route and cab services to customers.

We keep your information secure. We keep your data confidential. We never share your data with any one. We are located in Sector 7 Gurgaon for providing you Bulk SMS services in Gurgaon.
Bulk SMS services is used by Schools, Colleges and Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Healthcare-industry, Cinema Industry, Car Resellers, Tours Travels, Hotels, Realestate, Beauty Parlours, HR Consultants, Automobile Inudustry, Insurance Sector, Couriers, Astrologers, Blood Banks, Showrooms, Book Stores, Distributors, Marriage Bureau, MLM Companies, Clubs, Jewellery Shops, Banks, Stock Brokers, Airlines, Chit Funds, Mutual Fund Industries, Mobile Shops, Political Parties, Computer Dealers.

Gurugram is the new name given to Gurgaon.  We are the top supplier of Bulk SMS services in Gurugram.  We deal in BULK SMS in Gurugram.  We are Gurugram based SMS service provider.  We have both transactional and promotional SMS.  We are the top destination of bulk SMS in Gurugram.

Attendance Machine Software Smart Office

Small Office Network Security Employee Productivity

Small Office Network Security Employee Productivity

Office network security is very important for enhancing the productivity of an organization.  Content filtering is very important for the optimize usage of employee time and management of network resources.  Bandwidth management and access control management is required in offices to control the network usage.  Stopping the download of movies and un censored sites are important to maintain the productivity of employees.  Stopping employees from job sites access, personal mails access is very important to enhance the productivity in an organization.  Blocking of social networking sites, games is important to enhance the productivity in an organization.  UTM also known as Unied Threat Management can be deployed to prevent the network threats in an organization.

To get one for your organization call us now at 9315441078, 9818390836.  One or our expert will help you with the solution.

Below are the brochure of 2 products which can be used in an organization.

UTM CyberoamCR15iNG

UTM quickheal Unied Threat Management

Exit Switch Access Control

Exit Switches are available in 2 sizes.  They are of high quality stainless steel. The standard structure of Stainless Steel panel.  Exit switches are also called as Steel Button.  Its current rating is 3A 36 Volt DC maximum. They can be connected through NC COM.  Mechanical life tested is of 1000000.  They can operate in a temperature range of -10C to +55C.  Their operating humidity which is non condensing is 0% to 95%.  Weight is 0.1Kg.

Exit switch
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Google Adwords suggestions better performance

Google adwords performance tips PPC

Google adwords performance tips PPC

Google Adwords suggestions better performance

As promised, I am sending you a literature and material on various important topics which I feel you should read about. This will definitely be beneficial for you in the long run. 🙂


Keywords are one of the most important components of AdWords. Having a good list of keywords can certainly pull your campaign up.

Adding the right keywords is important to ensure that you get only relevant customers to your website and you do not miss out on any potential sales or leads. I recommend that you watch this video to learn how to build an effective keywords list. Further, you can go on to read more about keywords and keyword types here – broad matchbroad match modifierphrase match and exact match.Add Negative KeywordsA key part of your ROI is making sure you’re not wasting money on irrelevant clicks. Adding negative keywords is a method of preventing your ad from showing for searches that are unlikely to lead to a conversion. This type of keyword can help reduce your cost-per-click (CPC) and increase your return on investment.

Watch a short video  on how to identify negative keywords. To find out how to add negative keywords, you can refer to this guide


Like we discussed, you can schedule your Ads to show when you feel it is right for them to be shown. I also showed you a report which showed that even though your Ads are showing between 12 A.M – 7 A.M, there is no one clicking it. This in turn is impacting your CTR which will directly impact your Quality Score. To understand more about Ad scheduling, please click here.


It is always good to keep a track of how your keywords are performing. The best way to do this is to use the ‘Search Terms report’. With this report, you can see every search query that resulted in your ad being triggered and clicked. So this report helps you identify terms you may want to add as keywords or filter out as negative keywords. To run this report, go to the ‘Keywords’ tab and click on the ‘Details’ tab under the graph, then under ‘Search Terms’, select ‘All’. For more information on this, click here:https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2472708?hl=en

Try it Now


Automatic bidding is the simplest of the AdWords bidding options. You don’t need to specify individual bids for your keywords, ad groups, or placements. Instead, you set a daily budget, and AdWords will help adjust your cost-per-click (CPC) bids to receive the most possible clicks within your budget. You can read more here.

I hope this has been helpful. Have a great day ahead. Happy Advertising 😀

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Bulk SMS provider in Gurgaon

Bulk SMS System Bring Success to Your Business

Bulk SMS System – Its Time to Bring Success to Your Business

Using bulk SMS system assist in boosting your business and executing a successful marketing plan!

As the competition is on the hype in the business world, it has become quite important to look ahead with different a marketing policy that remains supportive. Moreover, it is an age of mobile and the boost in the telecommunication sector has turned it possible for about every single person who goes down in the class of your target section to own a mobile phone. Bulk SMS service is a process employing a healthy mass SMS system and investing in software or outsourcing these services are extremely supportive for the success of a business.

Bulk SMS India popular transactional promotional

Bulk SMS India popular transactional promotional

Keep in touch with Target Audiences through Bulk SMS System:

  • One of the prime profits of implementing a mass SMS program is being capable to regularly engage with important customers and tempt them back to your product as well as service line.
  • The possibility of effectively communication your communication is a lot hire, in the case of choosing for bulk SMS system in Delhi NCR, as the receiver is liable to go through it later even if his cell phone is switched off during the time duration of sending out the message.

Cost-Effective & Time Saving:

  • The option of bulk SMS is considered as one of the cost effective as against individually calling each individual on your file, but at the same moment really time-saving.
  • As everything is getting completed online, it is extremely cost-effective choice to touch base with global users.
  • Moreover, you can cut down costs of bulk SMS services by mix it with your business website. No maintenance cost is required to pay with this investment.

Easily Meet Marketing Objectives:

  • There is more reliability recognized for an SMS as alongside a mass email which has high possibility of going into the receiver’s spam.
  • Mass messaging turns it completely easy for the companies to send out information on new marketing campaigns, advertising offers and even pre-invites to promotional occasions.

Ease in Execution and Overall Communication:

  • Additional to the external communication, bulk SMS services are considered as highly beneficial to communicate inside particularly with employees who are usually on field.
  • Making investment in a mass messaging system lets you to professionally maintain contact databases for prospect messages.
  • If you are having a good internet connection, then implementing bulk SMS services remains friendly than one can visualize. As it is quite user-friendly and automated software, there is no need to hire any of the technical staff. Just pass on the work to an existing staff member is adequate. You can quickly send out thousand of messages in few minutes.

Bulk SMS can sky rock your business. Get customer query with the help of Bulk SMS. Mail us now at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836, 09034757673 or fill the following form. One of our experts will contact us immediately.

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Time & Attendance System With Access Control

Access Control System Use Feature Benefits Availability

Access Control System: Use, Feature, Benefits and Availability

It won’t be wrong saying that security seeks the utmost priority for every individual in this modern era. Whether it is business or home you are dealing with; security finds its priority everywhere. Taking this into concern, it can be aptly said that Access control system finds prominence to the extent security matters. Access control system (ACS) is not only reliable for ensuring highest possible security but is also convenient for use. This is the because of the access control system price which comes within the reach of everyone either engaged in small, medium or large scale business. For those unaware of an access control system, the access control system definition provides you an idea of the same in brief. It states that acs: access control system is a type of security feature which controls access by authorization of rights to any logical or physical asset in the organization or home.

Access Control System India

Access Control System India

Check out a little more about ACS

For knowing more about Access control system devices, here is a brief yet detailed description about everything associated with it.

Access Control System Manufacturers

According to Access Control System Manufacturers, it can be divided into various types depending on the how an access control system works. Coming to Access Control System India, mostly Access Control System Basics is the one which finds extensive use. From ATMs to card shopping in malls; these ACS are found being used which simply read the PIN or the card number and then forward the same to the control panel. Upon matching; users are allowed free access. Moving on to benefits of an access control system, the first thing which comes to concern is its customized nature which makes it possible for building an access control system as per the requirement of the customers. Access control system Biometric is one of the best examples of it.

Access Control System Data Center

Access Control System Data Center

Access Control System Manufacturers

Keyless entry: A unique feature offered

Another feature of an access control system is the keyless entry which it offers its users. Losing keys is not an uncommon instance in one’s life. The most beneficial of all the advantages of an access control system use is that it allows keyless entry to those authorized with it. Looking at thedesign an access control system follows; it is done in such a way that ensures security to your belongings without require you to carry a key to open the lock each time. It can be said that an access control system benefits you to a higher extent than the access codes because in case of the latter, access becomes difficult once you forget the code. In case of access control system accessories, there is nothing you need to carry unlike the traditional lock and key system used as security measures.

Access Control System Devices

Access Control System Devices

Get to know about ACS and its building with the internet

For security needs at your office or home, access control system installation finds way because of the access control system architecture which makes it unique. Access control system installation and building is something which requires concentration and commitment. To understand the building of an acs; you can download the access control system pdfor the access control system ppt provided by most of the access control systems companies in their website. You can also download the access control system basics pdf, access control system basics ppt, access control system block diagram, access control system connection diagram, access control system design or the access control system diagram to understand the building an access control system. For more details on access control system application, components of an access control system, purpose of an access control system, access control system advantages, access control system api and other related matters; all you need to do is type your queries in the search box.

Access Control System in Gurgaon

Access Control System in Gurgaon

Where to get the best ACS from?

So you are looking out for access control system companies in India? Internet again brings to you some of the best companies offering services with access control system Ahmedabad, access control system Mumbai, access control system Chandigarh, access control system Bangalore, access control system Chennai, access control system in Gurgaon, access control system in Delhi. While all of them offer you with quality services, access control system dealers in Bangalore, access control system dealers in pune, access control system dealers in Chennai are known most for their access control system components. Our company offer you with access control system card reader, access control system checklist,and access control system control panel from some top access control system Abu Dhabi and access control system Dubai. With best access control system and contracting, access control system active directory, access control system data center, you get the best products from top access control system brands owned by manufactures of access control system Bosch. Their access control system cost and designing after consideration of Access Control System BOQis worth mentioning.

Boom Barrier in Delhi

Boom Barrier in Delhi

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We also have Aadhaar based attendance machines as well.

Get access control system in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi. We do provide installation and after sales services. Our dedicated staff is there to help you in designing and implementing the attendance machines.

Total Integrated Solution

Physical Access Control and Identity Management

Physical Access control and Identity Management

Access control system

Access control system

Controlling of who is allowed to enter which area of the building is very important from the security prospective.  Physical Access control of material inside the offices and factories is very important for the security professionals.  Physical Access Control start from securing your assets, facilities, offices. Now you can control who is allowed to enter in the offices and highly secure area. You would be able to provide secure and safe environment for yourself and your employees using our Physical Access control system. Identify who has entered in your premises. Restrict entrance and exit of people on realtime.

Physical Access Control and Identity Management Finger Vein Access control system FV350

Finger Vein Access control system FV350

Safe and Secure environment by Physical Access control and Identity Management

Not just through fingerprints, cards now access control can happen with face identification. With the latest vein and fingerprint machine one can manage Physical Access control and Identity Management. Not just Access Control solutions like IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panel, readers, and tripod turnstile, boom barriers bio-lock can be used to do Physical Access control. This all can be integrated with IP Cameras. We can provide you a wide range of products which all can be controlled by a central software platform. Access control can be integrated with Time and Attendance System to find the working hours of an employees. Limit the access of people to your building, offices. Provide role based access control, time based access control system.

Multi Door Access Control InBio 460

Multi Door Access Control InBio 460

>Please contact us now at 9818390836, 9034757673, 9818390836 or write us at info@ampletrails.com to get time and attendance machine with access control and know its price.

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Multi-Bio Time Attendance with Access Control Functions

Multi-Bio Time Attendance with Access Control Functions

Total Integrated Solution

Integrated Security System

Integrated Security System

We would like to provide update on latest Integrated Security Platform.

As we see, Most of the SMB’s implement different security products like  CCTV, Access Control, Fire alarm, Turnstiles, Guard patrol system, Visitor Management from different brands and different System Integrators at different locations.
This leads to many security issues and higher maintenance cost as you need specialized team to maintain different systems.
eSSL has developed a  Integration Security Platform to centralize all the standalone systems to help SMB’s to cut down on implementation and maintenance expenses.
For example: Linking surveillance system to a specific door so as to locate and track any visitor or staff in few seconds. We enable you in tracking the time spent by employees or the visitors in specific space.

Advantages of Integrated Security System

  • Centralized Controlling System
  • Multi Location access control
  • Hassle free and low maintenance cost
  • Multi brand product integration/ 3rd party integration
  • Meets global standards
 To know more get in touch with our experts now. Call us at 9818390836, 9034757673 or email at info@ampletrails.com or fill the following form.
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Integrated Security System
DIS Series Camera CCTV

Digital Image System DIS Series Cameras

Digital Image System (DIS) Series Camera CCTV

DIS Series Camera CCTV

Email us now at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 09818390836, 09034757673, 09818390836 for pricing of machine.

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Automated Parking Gate Solution

RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution

RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution

RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution

Key features of RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution :

  • Maximum length of boom: 6m (Optional 3m/4m)
  • Arm Material: Aluminium
  • Input Interface for: Photocell, Air Switch, Loop detector
  • Optional Interface: Access control panel, Standalone Access Control, Control button (Eg:X990)
  • Remote Control: Upto 25 meters
  • Mode: Automatic/Manual
  • Designed for heavy – duty operation
  • The Boom arms of different length allow traffic barrier to meet any particular requirement
  • Easy to operate through push button/ Remote control
  • PB100 can be easily integrated with C3 200 (Card based access control) & in bio 260 (Card & Finger)
  • It is suited for applications requiring high volume access and medium levels of security.

Features of RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution Features of RFID Based Automated Parking Gate Solution

Boom barriers are used to regulating traffic manage access control,
Or impose high security and they are typically found at level crossings, parking place,
Checkpoints, drawbridges and entrance to restricted areas. eSSL PB100 boom barrier utilizes reliable electro mechanical Machinery to guarantee satisfaction in quality & stability. It is suited for applications requiring high volume access & medium levels of security. Our parking entry systems offer high security features, privacy & traffic control.

We offers an array of parking gate barriers to look after all your parking. We are the biggest suppliers of boom barrier suppliers. Boom Barriers offer efficient security at the entry and exit points of factories, office complexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll tax plazas. We are offering boom barrier, which is designed using optimum quality material and advanced machines. Leading Supplier of Boom barrier. We have wide range of products inquiry now. We provide fast installation. We offer widest range of automatic boom barriers.

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Automatic Boom Barriers PDF Brochures