Access Control Sleek Attendance Machine

Access Control Facial Sleek attendance machine.

Introducing face recognition based access control system.

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SF 100 is another sleek fingerprint time and attendance device with access control system support.  SF 100 device support 1500 fingerprints, 5,000 RFID cards storage and can store 80,000 transactions. This device is very compact and good looking.  It has 2 color variations black and white.

SF-100 sleek attendance device with access control

SF-100 sleek attendance device with access control

Users 1500 Fingerprints
Transaction 80,000 Logs
Card Storage 5000
Display 2.8

Features of Access Control Facial  Device VF 380 Sleek

Face Capacity 800 (1:N)

ID Card Capacity: 10,000

Log Capacity: 1,00,000

Communication: TCP/IP, USP-Host

Access Control Interface for: EM lock, Exit button.
RFID Card Based Attendance System

  1. RFID Cards For Time Attendance Or Access Control System
  2. Standalone Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System
  3. Face with RF Standalone Access Control
  4. Face based Biometric Exit Reader
  5. Face + RFID ID Attendance Recorder
  6. Standalone Face + RIFD Time and Attendance cum Access Control
Access Control Facial Sleek

Access Control Facial Sleek

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Physical Identity and Access Management Secure your premises.

We provide professional Biometric based Physical Identity and Access Management to secure your premises. This can be done through face, fingerprint, proximity cards. Our system support Wiegand IN and Out which means it’s compatible with most of the access control devices. Now you can integrate access control system with attendance to get the actual working hours of your employees in your organization. Get in touch with one of the experts to know about Physical Identity and Access Management Secure your premises. This compete access control monitoring can happen in realtime.

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